Make a Taco Bell Order and We'll Tell You Which Disney Princess You Are

Mark Lichtenstein

What kind of taco do you like?

Which variety of Dorito taco is best?

Are burritos best when they are also quesadillas?

Which burrito poses the greatest risk?

Which burrito is best when you have a long journey ahead of you?

Which burrito would you feed to a sick loved one?

Which taco reminds you of your father?

Do chalupas fall into the uncanny valley?

Other than eating, what is the best use for a crunchwrap supreme?

Is breakfast at Taco Bell really a good idea?

If held at gunpoint, which Taco Bell breakfast item would you be willing to eat every morning for a year?

What do you think Cinnabon Delights are made of?

What do you think is the primary ingredient of Mountain Dew's Kickstart Orange Citrus?

Which freeze is the best freeze?

You're about to have a major confrontation with your evil stepmother. What side do you order?

You have three dollars and three pieces of talking furniture with you. You need to feed them, and yourself. What do you order from the dollar menu?

You're a vegetarian. How does the vegetarian menu make you feel?

You're not a vegetarian. You must now order from the vegetarian menu for three meals in a row. What do you order?

What do you think Taco Bell means when they say “we’re feeding peoples’ lives with más”?

How on Earth can Taco Bell afford to make Spicy Potato Soft Tacos for only a dollar and still make a profit?

You've been out to a Michelin Star restaurant for dinner, but now you're in Taco Bell for dessert. What do you order?

Why do you think the image on the Taco Bell website for "fountain drink" is two upside down women covering their faces with their hands?

Why is the Taco Bell website's image for Diet Pepsi a record store, while the one for regular Pepsi is a laughing woman on a beach?

When you're hung over, which combo do you crave?

The love of your life has been kidnapped by an evil witch! What do you order at the drive through?

A princess is to her prince as a chalupa is to what?

Other than eating, what is the best use for cheese sauce?

If you wanted to slip a mickey to a mad British commander, what would be your preferred medium?

What happens if you combine two kinds of Doritos Tacos in one sitting?

What is it about Taco Bell you love so much?

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About This Quiz

So, what do Taco Bell and Disney Princesses have in common you might wonder? Well, the answer is everything!

For example, do you find yourself eating yourself into a restful slumber like Aurora? It would be easy to eat your fill of bean burritos and half-pounders filled with warm melted cheese and beef. Or, maybe you need to take your time and read through the seemingly countless items on a Taco Bell menu. After all, you may be a voracious reader just like Belle.

They say the way to someone's heart is through their stomach, so how would your taste define you? Are you feeling spicy hot like Ariel's fiery temper or as indecisive as Rapunzel when it comes to ordering? Whether Taco Bell is your stop to energize your cravings or a path to slumber, you know that a harmonious perfection of burritos, tacos, and quesadillas, is like a delicate wind and the perfect song that you can never seem to get out of your head.

Now it's time to "Live Mas" and "Think Outside the Bun." Answer these questions about your Taco Bell order and we'll tell you the question you've been craving all these years: "Which Disney Princess am I?"

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