Quiz: Make an '80s Playlist and We'll Reveal which Hogwarts House You'd be Sorted Into!
Make an '80s Playlist and We'll Reveal which Hogwarts House You'd be Sorted Into!
By: Teresa M.
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WHOA, we're halfway there!

OK, you're not halfway there just yet, but once you get started with this, you will be! The '80s was one of the most iconic decades in music. Rock and roll was alive and prominent while Michael Jackson was solidifying his title as the "King of Pop." From classics like "Beat It," "Take on Me," and "Eye of the Tiger," can we sort you into a Hogwarts house based on your music tastes? We sure can!

In the world of Harry Potter, the Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry has four different sorting houses. Which one would you fall into when based on your '80s music playlist?

If you're a Gryffindor, your musical tastes would be bold! Since your house is known for their bravery and nerve, you'd have the perfect playlist for your adventures.

For the sneaky and cunning Slytherin, your musical tastes often have you walking on the dark side. With your ambitious and determined qualities, you could probably put a few of your own songs on a playlist!

The smart and creative Ravenclaws probably have playlists filled with unique, new age-sounding music! Why listen to the classic sounds when there's different styles everywhere?

Your music tastes might be the window to your soul, and if so, you're probably a Hufflepuff. Friendly and loyal, you love songs where artists pour their souls into it.

So are you rocking out like a Gryffindor or are you belting out a heartfelt anthem like a Hufflepuff? What good is guessing when you can find the definitive answer?

Pick our your '80s playlist and we'll tell you what Hogwarts House you'd be joining for the feast in the Great Hall!

Let's rock out!

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