Make Some Moral Decisions and We'll Give You a Stripper Name!

Brian Whitney

Is it ever okay to take a human life?

Are animals moral?

Does religion have a lot to do with morality?

Are all people good at birth?

Do all people have the same rights, no matter what culture they are from?

Is life fair?

Is it okay to lie to save someone's feelings?

Have you ever cheated on anyone?

Do you believe in revenge?

Would you take a million dollars if you knew a stranger would die because of it?

Have you ever stolen anything?

Do you gossip a lot?

Have you ever vandalized anything?

Would you have sex before marriage?

Do you always keep your promises?

Have you cheated on tests?

Do most people trust you?

Are you the type to judge other people?

Would you forgive someone who did you wrong?

Would you give money to a homeless person?

Would you turn in your best friend if he committed a crime?

Would you help a good friend if it harmed 10 people you didn't know?

Would you let a stranger stay in your abandoned house if he were in need?

Do you give to charity?

Would you return a wallet you found if it had 100 dollars in it?

Would you give a kidney transplant to a stranger if it would save his life?

Do you manipulate people?

Would you do well on a show like Survivor?

Would you ever blame someone at work for something you did?

Do you take pleasure in a rival's misfortune?

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About This Quiz

To some people, being a stripper is something that that shows a woman has low morals, but to a lot of other people being a stripper is just a job, and a well paying one at that. We don't think that being a stripper means that you aren't a good person, far from it, but we do believe that the name that one chooses as a stripper just might have a lot to do with how moral they are perceived to be by customers. After all, stripping is just like anything else, and marketing has a lot to do with it. Do you really want to go see a stripper that has the same name as your mother or sister? Wait, don't answer that.

What about you? If you were to get up on stage and take it all off, or at least most of it, what would your stripper name be? We have devised a series of questions that test your morality, and we think that if you answer them honestly, we'll be able to tell you what your stripper name would be. And hey, we aren't judging you, so don't worry. Okay, we are just a little bit, but take the quiz anyway.

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