Make Some Morally Questionable Decisions and We'll Guess the Last Time You Got Laid

Emily Maggrett

Imagine that you're unemployed. Your partner nags you to go down to the job center today and work on your resume. Which Netflix show are you going to binge instead?

An amazing babe actually wants to go on a date with you! The trouble is, you're broke. Where are you going to take them?

While shopping downtown, you spot a very annoying acquaintance. How do you get out of saying hi to them?

Your BF or GF won't stop humming and it's driving you nuts! How will you tactfully handle this situation?

You're hungover as heck. How are you going to get through work today?

Let's say your roommate has some really incredible bath and body products. Which ones are you going to secretly sample?

You go over to your sister's house and her kids all want to play with you. Unfortunately, you're really tired today. What do you do?

Because of recent wildfires, fireworks are banned in your town. But you really like fireworks! What are you going to do?

Let's say that you just got dumped. What terrible decision are you now going to make because you're "grieving"?

So you know your crush doesn't like you back. But part of you just can't give up hope! Which ill-advised text will you send them next?

Imagine that your neighbor's dog keeps pooping in your yard. You've spoken to the neighbor and they don't care that it's annoying for you. What do you do next?

You stayed out late tonight and are feeling very happy and faded. An ex DMs you out of the blue. You're in a relationship already. Do you DM them back?

Upon getting home, you see a bunch of packages piled in front of your mean neighbor's door. Do you take them?

This person you don't like has the most adorable baby name picked out ... but she's not pregnant yet. And you are. What do you do?

Your work enemy has spread a rumor that you're having an affair with your manager. How will you get revenge?

Scenario: You were always the least respected person in your office ... until the new person came along. Do you befriend them or score social points by teasing them yourself?

Your grandma calls and wants to have lunch. You have plans to go to the lake with your friends. What do you do?

So your friend's relationship is slowly disintegrating. And you think their partner is dreamy as heck! Do you start flirting with them?

Let's say you just moved. You could work really hard and get everything unpacked, or you could drag it out over months. What are you going to do?

While you were out of town on vacation, your roommate borrowed a lot of your clothes ... and stained them. What do you say when you discover this?

Imagine that your best friend is on a diet and has succeeded in losing a lot of weight. You're jealous. How do you make them fall off the wagon?

You're at the mall with friends and EVERYBODY is shoplifting expensive makeup from Sephora. Do you join in?

Another person won't stop hitting on your partner ... right in front of you! What do you do?

Let's say your BFF is in a bad community theater production. What's your excuse for not going to see her perform?

Playing hooky from school can be the best! Now that you've decided to cut class, where are you going to go?

You've got a student loan payment due, but you need the money to go to Coachella. What do you do?

Your younger sibling just got brutally dumped. How will you avenge them?

Let's say you receive irrefutable evidence that your spouse is cheating on you. They're out of town on business right now. What are you going to do to their stuff?

Your boss calls you into his office and says that he's noticed you're really slacking off lately ... and it's cost the company an important client. How do you respond?

At the club, some dorks start hitting on your best friend. Your BFF mouths "help me" at you but you're busy talking to a hottie. What do you do?

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About This Quiz

To succeed at work, you need a lot of self-discipline. But to succeed in your love life, a lack of self-discipline is actually what's necessary. Because good people are attractive, but bad boys and girls are totally irresistible!Β Don't agree with us? That's just fine. Because in this quiz, we're putting the "naughtiness is good for your love life" theory to the test!

We're going to ask you to respond to a number of hypothetical situations, from whether you'd skip Coachella in order to meet your student loan payment to whether you'd shoplift makeup if all your friends pressured you to do it. All of the options for each answer are bad decisions; what we're interested in is the type of bad decisions that you tend to make. Are you the kind of person who takes what you want, when you want it? Or are you more prone to doing what other people ask while passive-aggressively punishing them for it?

By the end of the quiz, we'll have figured out how much impulse control you have, which will help our quiz supercomputer to determine exactly how long it's been since you hit the sheets. Don't think we'll guess that correctly? Prove us wrong by taking this quiz!

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