Quiz: The Ultimate Making and Repairing Camping Equipment Quiz
The Ultimate Making and Repairing Camping Equipment Quiz
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About This Quiz

Camping can be a lot of fun, but accidents happen, and it helps to know how to repair and even make some of the equipment you need. From fixing rips in tents to replacing the soles of your boots, having some do-it-yourself skills can save you quite a bit of money. Take our quiz to lean more about how to make and repair camping equipment.

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What are the two most common materials for making tents?
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The tread you use for repairing a tent should have which of these qualities?
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Before setting up a tent you should check the area for which of these?
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If you find a small tear in a tent what should you do?
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What sort of repair tape should you use for nylon tents?
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Why should you smooth out nylon tape while applying it?
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What material is the repair tape for canvas made of?
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After you've applied repair tape, what should you do?
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What is the main ingredient in homemade insect repellent?
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What kind of adhesive should you use to replace the sole of a boot?
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How are soles usually attached to boots?
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How long should it take to resole a boot?
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What is the middle layer of a sole made of?
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What brand name do most expert hikers suggest you use for boot soles?
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For how long should you let a new sole set?
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Once the new sole has set, what should you do with the excess sole?
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