Quiz: Test Your Knowledge: Mantis Shrimp Quiz
Test Your Knowledge: Mantis Shrimp Quiz
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About This Quiz

You’ve heard of the praying mantis, a bizarre-looking, uber-vicious predator of the insect world. However, most of us barely even know about the existence of the mantis shrimp, which isn’t actually related to the praying mantis, but shares some pretty formidable characteristics.

Indeed, most people’s shrimp knowledge is limited to the varieties that we commonly eat. Some people do eat mantis shrimp boiled, in-shell or even as part of a sushi roll. More often, however, people tend to nosh on cold water shrimp like Pandalid shrimp, as well as farmed, wild or imported shrimp. It’s a good thing there are so many sources for shrimp meat  — 25 percent of all American seafood consumed is shrimp, making it the most popular ocean-based treat. These standard-issue shrimp are nothing to be fearful of, unlike the mantis shrimp (which is someone dubiously named -- more about that in the quiz). Regular shrimp are in fact of little threat to anyone, as they sift through the sand for nutrients and filter them out of the ocean water.

Whereas regular shrimp aren’t known for violence, the mantis shrimp definitely is, but they’re hardly the only species with bizarre tricks up its shell. The aptly named spitting spider can spit glue on its prey, keeping it still until it delivers the death knell. The whip scorpion also has quite the creative defensive arsenal, thanks to its ability to shoot acid from its anal glands when it senses danger. Mantis shrimp are beautiful sea creatures with a long list of amazing (and terrifying) traits. How much do you know about this savage animal? Take this quiz to find out.

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