Quiz: Amazing Animals: Marine Mammal Quiz
Amazing Animals: Marine Mammal Quiz
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When you think of marine life, you probably think about scaly fish with gills, but there are a variety of aquatic mammals that breathe air. So hold your breath and dive into the marine mammals quiz!

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What's the largest animal on Earth?
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What marine mammal is referred to as the "wolf of the sea"?
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What do baleen whales lack that other whales have?
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What's the longest amount of time that whales can go without breathing?
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What are narwhal tusks made of?
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What special sense do dolphins and some whales use to hear underwater?
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Which body part of a walrus is most useful for hunting?
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What's the easiest way to tell the difference between true seals and sea lions?
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"Floating gold" is another name for what marine mammal excretion?
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