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Chuck Norris "facts" may stretch the limits of reality, but Norris' true story might just be better than any tall tale you can dream up. Take our quiz to see how much you know about the man behind the meme.

What is Norris' real first name?

Carlos Ray Norris was born March 10, 1940 in Ryan, Oklahoma. He was named after a friend of the family.


What branch of the military did Norris belong to?

The U.S. Air Force got its greatest weapon in 1958, when Chuck Norris joined as an air policeman. He married his girlfriend Dianne that same year.


Where did Norris serve while in the Air Force?

Norris was stationed in South Korea. It was there that he took up martial arts, specializing in Tang Soo Do. He was discharged in 1962 and returned to the states.


Norris got his nickname Chuck while in school.

Norris started going by the name Chuck while serving in the military in Korea.


What did Norris do for a living when he left the military?

Norris became obsessed with martial arts while in the military and taught karate to support himself once he got home. Throughout the 1960s, he opened more than 30 karate studios.


How many times did Norris win the world karate championship?

Chuck Norris picked up his first World Middleweight Karate Championship in 1968 and went on to defend his title five more times before retiring from the sport in 1974.


Norris is an 8th Degree Black Belt in this sport?

In 1990, Norris became the first Westerner in history to earn 8th Degree Black Belt Master Recognition in Tae Kwon Do.


What does Chun Kuk Do translate to?

Norris developed his very own style of martial arts in 1990. Known as Chun Kuk Do -- for "The Universal Way -- his style combines Tang Soo Do, Judo and Karate into a single discipline.


How many children does Norris have as of 2016?

Norris is the proud father of five children, including one conceived during an affair during his first marriage in the 1960s.


What role did Norris play in "The Way of the Dragon?"

Norris played Colt opposite martial arts legend Bruce Lee in the 1972 flick "The Way of the Dragon." Also known as "Return of the Dragon," it was his first credited film role and helped pave the way for a Hollywood career.


What role did Norris play in the 1977 film "Breaker! Breaker!"?

In his first starring role, Norris played a truck driver named J.D. who was hell-bent on revenge against a crooked cop in the 1977 flick "Breaker! Breaker!"


Norris' character in "Good Guys Wear Black" was a former member of this group of assassins.

Norris plays a professor in the 1978 film. His character John T. Booker was once part of an elite group of assassins known as the Black Tigers.


What 1979 Norris film featured the character Matt Logan?

In the 1979 film "A Force of One," Norris plays Matt Logan -- a karate expert hired to help the local police force track down a cold-blooded killer.


What year was the Norris film "Missing in Action" released?

In the 1984 flick "Missing in Action" and its 1985 prequel, Norris plays a former POW named Colonel James Braddock.


In "Invasion U.S.A.," Norris plays a retired member of this agency.

Norris plays a retired CIA agent who is coerced into returning to duty after a gang of communist guerrillas destroy his home in the 1985 film "Invasion U.S.A."


Norris and company spend the 1986 film "The Delta Force" rescuing people from this scary scenario.

In "The Delta Force," which hit theaters in 1986, Norris stars opposite Lee Marvin as the two work to free passengers from a hijacked plane.


Which 1986 Norris film focuses on a hidden treasure?

In the 1986 action flick "Firewalker," Norris plays Max Donigan, a man seeking a hidden treasure in a Mexican temple that's guarded by a legend known as the Firewalker.


Where is the 1985 film "Code of Silence" set?

Chuck Norris plays a Chicago cop named Sgt. Eddie Cusack in the 1985 movie "Code of Silence."


Where does Norris' character work in "Forced Vengeance?"

In the 1982 film "Forced Vengeance," Norris plays Josh Randall -- head of security for a Hong Kong casino.


What role does Norris play in "The President's Man?"

Norris plays an aging Secret Service agent named Joshua McCord who is forced to save the first lady from terrorists in the 2000 TV movie.


What does the title of the 2005 film "The Cutter" refer to?

In the 2005 film "The Cutter," Norris plays detective John Shepherd, who is tasked with rescuing an elderly jeweler from the bad guys.


What is the name of Norris' character in "The Expendables 2?"

In a nod to the name of his character in the 1978 film "Good Guys Wear Black," Norris' character in "The Expendables 2" is named Booker. In one scene, Norris pokes fun of his meme persona by claiming that he was bitten by a cobra -- which then died.


How many seasons did Norris star on "Walker, Texas Ranger?"

Norris played the title role on "Walker, Texas Ranger" for eight seasons between 1993 and 2001.


What was Norris' character's name in "Walker, Texas Ranger?"

Norris played Vietnam vet and martial arts expert Cordell Walker in the action-packed TV series.


What team did Jimmy Trivette play for before he became Walker's partner on "Walker, Texas Ranger?"

Clarence Gilyard plays a former Dallas Cowboys player -- and Walker's friend and partner -- throughout the run of the series.


Who does Walker marry on the show?

Walker, played by Norris, marries District Attorney Alex Cahill and the pair have a daughter named Angela.


Who appears with Norris in commercials for gym equipment?

Christie Brinkley and Chuck Norris have appeared together in a series of commercials for a gym equipment company since 1997.


What event do Walker and the gang tackle in the movie "Trial By Fire?"

In the 2005 TV movie "Trial by Fire" -- a continuation of the "Walker, Texas Ranger" series -- Cordell Walker and his fellow Rangers work to resolve a bank robbery and the associated fallout.


Who is shot at the end of "Trial by Fire?"

In an unresolved cliffhanger that left fans scratching their heads, Alex is shot in the chest at the end of the 2005 film "Trial By Fire."


What is Norris' favorite "fact" about himself?

Norris is a good sport about the memes he stars in; in an interview, he claims that his favorite "fact" is that Chuck Norris would have been added to Mt. Rushmore, but the granite just wasn't hard enough to accommodate his manly beard.


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