Quiz: Can You Match These Actors to Their 1950s Movies?
Can You Match These Actors to Their 1950s Movies?
By: Emily Maggrett
Image: MGM

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James Dean. John Wayne. Audrey Hepburn. Marilyn Monroe. Movie stars like these defined 1950s film, turning iconic performances into gorgeously shot Westerns, witty comedies and toe-tapping Technicolor musicals.

But Audrey and John weren't the only stars during that time. Remember Patricia Neal? Paul Newman? Burt Lancaster? Debbie Reynolds? From "Singing in the Rain" to "Cat on a Hot Tin Roof", this era offered actors an incredible assortment of brilliant scripts, as well as the chance to be directed by top-notch auteurs like Alfred Hitchcock, Howard Hughes, John Ford, Billy Wilder and Elia Kazan.

The result? Movies that still make the American Film Institute's list of the greatest movies of all time. In fact, 16 of the films on the AFI's 2007 list of the Greatest American Movies of All Time came from the 1950s. We've included a few of them on this quiz, in fact. Can you spot them?

If you're a true fan of 1950s films, prove it by matching these stars to their 1950s movies! Along the way, we bet you'll find a number of flicks that are begging for a re-watch. After all, is there really such a thing as too much Marlon Brando?

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Although James Dean is best remembered for his searing performance in "Rebel Without a Cause", which film earned him his first Oscar nomination?
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Grace Kelly left acting to marry the Prince of Monaco, but before she did, she made which suspenseful classic?
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Can you name the John Ford film, one of his most iconic Westerns, about an Army veteran rescuing his niece?
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Debbie Reynolds made "cute" cool again in which of these Technicolor comedies?
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Cary Grant wears the heck out of a suit in which of these Hitchcock masterpieces?
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Italian bombshell Sophia Loren sizzles as a nanny in which of these 1950s features?
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Which 1953 drama stars Marlon Brando as the leader of a stylish motorcycle gang?
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Based on a novel by William Faulkner, which of these films gave Joanne Woodward the chance to slink her way to stardom?
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Playing a wronged wife, Lee Remick won a Golden Globe nomination for her performance in which courtroom drama?
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Which film about juvenile delinquents starred Sidney Poitier in his breakout role and caused riots in the UK upon its release?
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Can you remember which of these films shows off Cyd Charisse's amazing dance skills?
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In this Southern potboiler, Paul Newman plays ex-football player Brick Pollitt, who's unhappy despite being married to Elizabeth Taylor. Can you name it?
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Once you've seen it, you can't forget Burt Lancaster as Bill Starbuck in this poignant film. What's it called?
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Which of these films star Elizabeth Taylor as a niece with a lot of problems?
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Which of these Hollywood epics feature English actor Richard Burton as a famous Greek?
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Dorothy Dandridge sings, acts, and dances brilliantly in which musical adaptation of a famous opera?
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Rock Hudson put the romance in "rom-com" with his swoon-worthy performance in which 1959 comedy?
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Choreographed by Bob Fosse, which of these flicks stars Doris Day as a feisty factory worker?
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Tony Curtis wears a disguise in which 1959 Marilyn Monroe comedy?
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Which of these comedic musicals stars Jane Russell as a sexy social climber?
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This courtroom drama uses its claustrophobic setting to advantage, allowing star and producer Henry Fonda to display the full range of his acting gifts. Can you name it?
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Kim Novak plays two roles in this taut psychological thriller. What's it called?
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Audrey Hepburn plays a "homely" girl in this comedy, set in Paris and New York. Can you guess it correctly?
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Which of these literary adaptations stars handsome leading man Gregory Peck as a conflicted TV writer who struggles to find a work-life balance?
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In this beloved comedy-fantasy from 1950, James Stewart embodies whimsical benevolence. Can you name it?
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Did young women in the 1950s also question mainstream culture? In this seminal 1955 drama, Natalie Wood shows that the answer is yes.
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Renowned for his choreography as well as his acting, which film makes the most of Gene Kelly's many talents?
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French film star Leslie Caron charms the American public in which of these risqué musicals?
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Can you guess which of these historical films stars Anthony Quinn opposite Gina Lollabrigida?
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Dignified British actress Deborah Kerr graced a number of dramas, including this one, which has a surprisingly religious theme. Do you remember it?
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Gary Cooper acted in many Westerns, but gave his most beloved performance in this one. Can you name it?
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Before becoming legendary for her performance in "Hud", Patricia Neal starred in this film, her first after a four-year absence from Hollywood. What was it called?
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Frank Sinatra's acting career may be even more distinguished than his recording career, especially when you consider his work in this hilarious musical. Do you remember its name?
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Some consider Katharine Hepburn's heyday to be the 1940s, but she starred in many 1950s hits, including this comedic gem, co-starring Humphrey Bogart. Can you guess its title?
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Yul Brynner, who had Russian, Mongolian and Swiss descent, starred as a Thai monarch in which 1956 musical?
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She's best known today for her shower scene in "Psycho", but Janet Leigh was one of the biggest stars of the 1950s, starring in major films like this big budget medieval adventure. What was it called?
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William Holden plays a handsome drifter in this Kansas-set drama. Can you guess its title?
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Italian star Anna Magnani had several hit films in the U.S., including this Tennessee Williams-penned drama. Can you name it?
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Energetic actor Kirk Douglas explodes onscreen in which vivid biopic?
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One of Marilyn Monroe's more serious films, this movie is about a pair of cowboys and a hapless nightclub singer. Remember this one?
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