Quiz: Can You Match the NFL Player to His Hometown?
Can You Match the NFL Player to His Hometown?
By: Gavin Thagard
Image: Jim Arbogast/Digital Vision/Getty Images

About This Quiz

Sometimes, it's hard to imagine that a popular NFL athlete came from somewhere other than the city where he plays football. However, every NFL player has a hometown where he grew up with a family, a house, and perhaps a dog. How well do you know some of the best players in the league, particularly where they grew up? Here's a quiz where you can test your knowledge on just that!

NFL players often become associated with the city where they play football. It's a tradition as they become icons in their respective cities for their leadership, charitable acts, and on the field play. 

When a player is traded away, there is often a huge backlash from fans in the city who don't want to see their favorite player go. An NFL player becomes so associated with the city where they play that it's almost as if they were born and raised there. The city becomes their home, and the fans are their family. 

Are you going to be able to recall where the players listed in this quiz grew up? It won't be the easiest task for any NFL fan. If you think you can handle the challenge, go ahead and give this quiz your best shot! 

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One of the best young quarterbacks in the league, where is Patrick Mahomes II from?
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Le'Veon Bell is a shifty dual-threat running back. What town is he from, though?
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A wide receiver for the Bengals, where is A.J. Green from?
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A disruptive force on the defensive line, what town is Aaron Donald from?
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One of Cam Newton's favorite targets, where is Greg Olsen from?
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A Super Bowl-winning quarterback, where is Ben Roethlisberger from?
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A future Hall of Famer, where is Adrian Peterson from?
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Khalil Mack changed the Bears' defense when he joined the team in 2018. But, what town is he from?
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A former first-round draft pick, what town is Baker Mayfield from?
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Antonio Brown is consistently ranked as a top receiver. Where is he from?
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A terror for opposing defenses, what town does Rob Gronkowski call home?
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Viewed as the future of the Cowboys, where did Ezekiel Elliott grow up?
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Drafted out of Wisconsin, where is J.J. Watt from?
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Drafted out of Georgia, what town is Todd Gurley from?
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A favorite target of Tom Brady, where is Julian Edelman from?
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Aaron Rodgers is a former NFL MVP. What town does he call home?
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A top wide receiver, where is Odell Beckham Jr. from?
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Once part of the Legion of Boom, what town is Richard Sherman from?
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Still a young player in the league, where is Kareem Hunt from?
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A quarterback holding multiple NFL records, where is Drew Brees from?
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Melvin Gordon is a leader on the Chargers' offense. Where is he from?
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One of the highest paid cornerbacks in the NFL, what town is Josh Norman from?
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The longtime leader of the Patriots, where is Tom Brady from?
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Andrew Luck was taken out of Stanford as the No.1 pick in the 2012 NFL draft. What town is he from, though?
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Julius Peppers has been in the league since 2002. Do you know where he grew up?
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A former Heisman Trophy winner, where is Cam Newton from?
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A linebacker for the Cowboys, where is Sean Lee from?
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An explosive wide receiver​ for the Falcons, what town is Julio Jones from?
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A former Oregon player, where is LeGarrette​ Blount from?
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A former Super Bowl MVP, what town is Von Miller from?
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DeAndre Hopkins is in the prime of his NFL career. But, where did he grow up?
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The leader of one of the best offenses in the NFL, what town is Jared Goff from?
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The No.1 overall pick in 2015, where is Jameis Winston from?
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A former Texas A&M player, what town is Mike Evans from?
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Known as "Matty Ice," where is Matt Ryan from?
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