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Ready to make mischief of one kind and another? Take this quiz to see how much you know about the man behind the mischief and the worlds he created.

Where was Sendak born and raised?

Sendak's immigrant parents settled in New York.


Where were Sendak's parents from?

Sendak's parents came to the United States before the horrors of World War II.


When was Sendak born?

Sendak was born in 1928, just before the Depression hit hard.


What huge media event caused a very young Sendak to think about his own safety and mortality?

Although he was only 4 years old, it deeply troubled him and echoed in some of his works.


As a child, Sendak was …

Sendak suffered from ill health throughout his childhood.


Episodes of being bedridden caused him to …

Not being able to do much else, drawing kept his mind occupied.


What movie inspired Sendak to become an illustrator?

"Fantasia" thrilled Sendak.


Sendak worked for what kid-friendly company as a window dresser?

Sendak was at FAO Schwartz for four years, right out of high school.


After going to the Art Student League of New York, Sendak ended up working for a decade as what?

Sendak provided the pictures to others' words.


What was the first book Sendak published that he both illustrated and wrote?

"Kenny's Window" debuted in 1956.


"Where the Wild Things Are" came out in 1963 and won what?

A Caldecott Medal is not too bad for one of his first books.


He also won what prize for children's book illustration in 1970?

The Hans Christian Andersen Award is a distinguished prize.


Who is the protagonist in "Where the Wild Things Are"?

The night Max wore his wolf suit …


What does Max return to after his trip to where the Wild Things are?

To think his supper is still hot after sailing "in and out of weeks and almost over a year."


Who did Sendak write “Higglety Pigglety Pop! or, There Must Be More to Life” in honor of?

It was published shortly his dog Jennie's death.


Why was "In the Night Kitchen" deemed controversial by some?

Sendak had the audacity to acknowledge the existence of genitals.


Sendak also designed sets and costumes for what classic work?

The Pacific Northwest Ballet used his designs for years in its holiday production in Seattle.


He also made sets for what opera?

Mozart and Sendak seem like a good pair.


In 2009, a film version of "Where the Wild Things Are" was made. Who directed the film?

Jonze created a surreal and sweet story.


Who wrote the screenplay, with Jonze and Sendak?

Eggers and Jonze must create an early-aughts vortex of cool when they are in rooms together.


In 1996, Sendak was presented with …

Bill Clinton awarded the National Medal of Arts.


Sendak had how many children?

Sendak had no children, but he had a partner of over 50 years.


Sendak also won the Astrid Lindgren Memorial Award, which gives as its prize …

Sendak was the inaugural winner of the 5 million Swedish krona.


He also won the Laura Ingalls Wilder Medal given by the American Library Association, which gives the recipient what prize?

It's a bronze medal, but we're guessing Maurice Sendak didn’t have a lot of late fees anyway.


Sendak's 1977 book is titled "Seven Little" what?

The monsters cause a lot of trouble.


In "Outside Over There" a baby is taken by whom?

Goblins take a baby. Sendak says the Lindbergh trial did play a part in the story's creation.


Sendak was a prolific illustrator. What famous playwright did he work with on the book "Brundibar"?

Kushner adapted the opera into a children's book with Sendak's illustrations in 2003.


A documentary about Sendak is titled …

The Lance Bangs/Spike Jonze TV film "Tell Them Anything You Want: A Portrait of Maurice Sendak" came out in 2009.


When did Sendak die?

After a stroke, Sendak's health failed, and he died in 2012.


Where can you find Sendak's collection of work?

Although he spent most of his later life in Connecticut, the collection of his work lives at the Rosenbach Museum in Philadelphia.


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