Quiz: Mean Girls: Who Said It?
Mean Girls: Who Said It?
By: Jouviane Alexandre
Image: Youtube

About This Quiz

"Stop trying to make fetch happen!" If 'fetch' isn't happening, then neither is this quiz! If you were wearing pink on Wednesdays and learning the choreography to "Jingle Bell Rock," this is the quiz to prove that you belong in the "Mean Girls" hall of fame!

In 2004, "Mean Girls" hit the movie screens, and an entire generation was changed. Starring Lindsay Lohan, the film followed a high school newcomer set out to infiltrate the popular clique. With a star cast of Rachel McAdams, Amy Poehler, Amanda Seyfried, and Tina Fey, this movie was filled with quotes that you've been repeating for over ten years. 

Why be a regular mom when you can be a cool mom? Were you rooting for Glen Coco too? When the rain is pouring down, are you channeling ESPN like Karen? Did you feel personally victimized by this film like countless girls felt by Regina George?

The Plastics wasn't just a group of girls at North Shore high school; they were a movement! After its release, "Mean Girls" gained a huge following, and that's why you're here. If someone asks you how many times you can watch "Mean Girls" and you answer with "the limit does not exist," you're in the right place!

Let's see if you can conquer the plastics and become the new Queen Bee!

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