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Which came first, "Looney Tunes" or "Merrie Melodies"?

The "Looney Tunes" franchise, which was Warner Brother's first animated series, actually predates "Merrie Melodies" by a year.


What year did "Merrie Melodies" premiere?

"Merrie Melodies" cartoons ran in theaters from 1931-69, and many live on in the form of TV reruns to this day.


What Disney property inspired "Merrie Melodies"?

Both "Looney Tunes" and "Merrie Melodies" were inspired by Disney's "Silly Symphonies."


True or false: Bugs Bunny, Porky Pig and other famous characters were created for "Merrie Melodies."

Bugs and the gang were created for "Looney Tunes," and most early "Merrie Melodies" titles don't actually have recurrent characters. By the 1940s, however, the characters were being used in both of these series.


True or false: "Merrie Melodies" went color before "Looney Tunes."

"Merrie Melodies" was in full color by 1934, while it took "Looney Tunes" until 1943 to ditch the black-and-white style.


What legendary producer launched both "Looney Tunes" and "Merry Melodies"?

Leon Schlesinger is responsible for both series of cartoon shorts. After he retired in 1944, Warner Bros. took over production on both series, and they became almost interchangeable.


What instrument was mentioned in the title of the first "Merrie Melodies" cartoon?

The first title in the franchise was "Lady, Play Your Mandolin!" It was one of six "Merrie Melodies" titles released in 1931.


Who is the main character in "Lady, Play Your Mandolin!"?

The short features a sombrero-wearing fox who goes by the name of Foxy.


True or false: Foxy's horse burns at the end of the cartoon.

Cartoons were much darker back in the day. At the conclusion of "Lady, Play Your Mandolin!" Foxy's horse spontaneously combusts.


What vessel does Foxy drive in the 1931 tale "Smile, Darn Ya, Smile"?

In a nod to Disney's "Steamboat Willie," Foxy drives a trolley down Memory Lane in this 1931 "Merrie Melodies" feature.


What is the name of the pig that appears in several 1931 "Merrie Melodies" titles?

Before Porky, there was Piggy the Pig, who first appeared in the episode "You Don't Know What You’re Doin'."


What was the name of Piggy's girlfriend?

For some mysterious reason, Piggy's girlfriend, who was also a pig, was named Fluffy.


What jolly piano player appears in several 1932 "Merrie Melodies" titles?

Goopy Geer plays the piano in a chaotic nightclub in his first appearance on "Merrie Melodies."


What creatures check into the Honeymoon Hotel?

At the Honeymoon Hotel, all guests are registered as Mr. and Mrs. John Smith, including the bug couple at the center of the action.


What type of animals do a vaudeville act in the episode "Shake Your Powder Puff"?

A trio of rabbits named Honey, Bunny and Floe star in the 1934 episode about a bunny vaudeville show.


What kind of animal is Elmer, who is introduced in a 1935 episode?

Sorry Fudd fans! The Elmer who appears in "Merrie Melodies" starting in 1935 is a rotten young rabbit.


What other creature is also named Elmer in 1935 "Merrie Melodies" cartoons?

A country mouse also named Elmer moves to the big city in a 1935 episode.


What genuine celebrity comes to town in 1936, much to the delight of a local bellhop?

In the 1936 episode "Miss Glory," hotel bellhop Abner falls asleep waiting for her visit.


What little piggy stars in a 1937 episode of "Merrie Melodies"?

Pre-Porky and his endearing stutter, Piggy Hamhock has a nightmare in which he is force-fed by scientists.


Who was the first classic "Looney Tunes" character to appear in "Merrie Melodies"?

The first "Looney Tunes" character to make a series crossover was Daffy Duck, who appeared in a 1937 episode.


What was the name of the first recurring "Merrie Melodies" character?

An early version of Elmer Fudd, Egghead had a round head and a bulbous nose.


What year did Bugs Bunny first appear on "Merrie Melodies"?

The wascally wabbit first appeared in the 1939 episode "Hare-Um, Scare-Um."


What kind of animal is Sniffles?

Sniffles the mouse appears in several "Merrie Melodies" episodes. In his first appearance, he gets drunk after taking too much cold medicine.


Which classic "Looney Tunes" character meets Uncle Sam in a 1939 "Merrie Melodies" short?

Porky Pig meets Uncle Sam in the 1939 episode "Old Glory."


What is Elmer Fudd carrying into the woods on his first "Merrie Melodies" appearance?

Fudd may spend his later days trying to kill the wabbit, but in his first appearance on the series, he is simply trying to take photographs of nature.


What is the name of the turtle who often stars opposite Bugs Bunny on the show?

Bugs is outpaced or outsmarted by Cecil the turtle on multiple occasions.


What year does Sylvester the cat first appear on the show?

Sylvester makes his debut in a 1949 episode called "Life With Feathers," where he tries to avoid a suicidal bird.


What does Yosemite Sam attempt during his first "Merrie Melodies" appearance?

Yosemite Sam attempts to rob a train, but his efforts are foiled by Bugs in the 1945 episode "Hare Trigger."


What kind of animal is Pepe Le Pew?

Amorous skunk Pepe Le Pew made his "Merrie Melodies" debut in 1951.


How many "Merrie Melodies" episodes were created?

In an era that predates computer animation, more than 500 "Merrie Melodies" shorts were created.


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