Quiz: Test Your Knowledge: Metallica
Test Your Knowledge: Metallica
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They took thrash metal from the back rooms to the biggest stadiums. How much do you really know about Metallica?

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How many studio albums has the band released?

From those albums, the band has released 37 singles.

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"Suicide & Redemption" is the band's longest song. How long is it?

It's also an instrumental song, with no lyrics whatsoever.

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Metallica's 1991 album became known as what?

It's still the band's all-time best seller and received unanimous critical acclaim.

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Lars Ulrich is well-known for his love of what?

He's been known to spend millions of dollars on a single piece of artwork.

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Who was the first official lead guitarist?

Mustaine left the group to start Megadeth, another massively popular band.

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When was Metallica officially formed?

It happened when James Hetfield responded to Lars Ulrich's ad in "Recycler."

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Lars Ulrich has played drums in the studio for only one other band, named what?

The name of the song was "Return of the Vampire."

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How many singles were released from "Metallica?"

The first single was "Enter Sandman" which became one of the band's best-known songs.

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How many live albums has Metallica produced?

The live albums cracked the top ten, just like the studio albums.

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The French version of "Ride the Lightning" was printed with the wrong colors. How many copies exist?

For collectors, it is one of the most sought-after albums in the band's catalog.

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In total, roughly how many albums has Metallica sold worldwide?

They are one of the most successful bands ever in terms of commercial sales.

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What was the name of James Hetfield's first band?

He was also in a group called Leather Charm.

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Other than Hetfield and Ulrich, who has been in the band the longest?

His first band was named Exodus, but he's been with Metallica since 1983.

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Which album was the band's first to enter the Billboard top ten?

After only nine weeks the album had sold more than half a million copies.

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James Hetfield was raised in a religious home and his family didn't believe in what?

His mother died from cancer, possibly in part because she did not seek medical treatment.

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Which album do many long-time fans consider the dividing work between "old" and "new" Metallica?

The album has slower and more melodic songs than the band's earlier work.

He also did massive amounts of heroin and other drugs, but so did the other members.

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What was the first instrument that James Hetfield played?

He started playing piano at age nine

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Which producer also played as a member of the band for a time?

He got production credit for every album from 1990 to 2003 and played bass temporarily.

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Which famous musician did Kirk Hammett take guitar lessons from?

His private lessons paid off handsomely.

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What injury did Hetfield sustain while on tour with Guns N' Roses?

He was burned badly by a pyrotechnics malfunction.

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Metallica famously filed a lawsuit against which technology company?

The company's technology was allowing users to illegally share copies of the band's songs.

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How many Grammy awards has the band won?

Its two most recent came in 2009, for best metal performance and best recording package.

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Where did Kirk Hammett get his first guitar?

The cheap instrument came with a 4-inch speaker.

The accident occurred during the European leg of the 1986 tour.

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Lars Ulrich was proficient at which sport as a young man?

He actually moved to Los Angeles to pursue the sport.

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Which city's symphony orchestra performed the band's songs for a special recording?

A recording of the performance debuted at number two on the Billboard charts.

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How many consecutive albums have debuted at No. 1?

It is the first band ever to achieve this feat.

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Who did the band hire to produce "Death Magnetic"?

Rubin has worked with other huge acts, such as LL Cool J, Lady Gaga and Black Sabbath.

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Unsurprisingly, "Master of Puppets" was one of the most popular songs.

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