Quiz: Miami Vice Quiz
Miami Vice Quiz
By: Nathan Chandler
Image: TMDB

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White pants and Armani jackets have never looked so great on cops. How much do you remember about "Miami Vice"? Test your knowledge by taking this quiz!

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Where did producers originally plan to do all of the filming for "Miami Vice"?
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What's the name of the actor who plays Ricardo Tubbs?
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What is "Sonny" Crockett's first name?
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What's the name of the character who has a brief romance with Sonny?
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Producer Michael Mann prohibited the use of which colors during filming?
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After extensive auditioning, why wasn't actor Larry Wilcox cast for the part of Sonny?
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For how many seasons did the show air on television?
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In what year did the first episode air?
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What is Ricardo's nickname?
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Which band had its music featured in the very first episode?
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Which major network broadcasted the show?
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Who did NOT make a guest appearance on the show?
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Who gets credit for creating the show?
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What was the show's highest ranking?
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What was the original name of the show's two-hour pilot episode?
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Which actor was NOT approached to play the part of Sonny Crockett?
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What nickname did Miami have in 1984, the year the show debuted?
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In total, for how many Emmy Awards was the show nominated in 1985?
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What role did Jan Hammer have in the making of the series?
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What position on the Billboard charts did the "Miami Vice" theme manage to attain?
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About how much money was budget for music rights for each episode?
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Sonny Crockett drove what sort of car?
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What was the "Miami Device"?
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Which season was the first to be broadcast in stereo sound?
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Why did Don Johnson threaten to leave the show after the second season?
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What was the show's final rating after the last episode aired?
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