Quiz: Military Invasions of the 20th Century Quiz
Military Invasions of the 20th Century Quiz
By: Zoe Samuel
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The 20th century was very special when it came to war and war fighting. While the industrial revolution saw ships turned into floating gun platforms, and the Crimean War was the last battle of the sail, the 20th century was primed as an apex of technologically driven warfare. In the 1880s, Dr. Gatling thought his invention would stop all wars because no one would ever want to face his gun on the battlefield.  So too it was with many of the weapons innovations of the 20th century.

While the goal of military engineers of the 19th century was to simply mass produce death, their 20th century counterparts reached the zenith of mass murder with shocking alacrity, and the new design objectives military engineers were given were mostly around accuracy, and methodology. The 20th century saw the creation of tactical nuclear weapons as well as the invention (although not production, thank God) of the so-called Flying Crowbar, a nuclear weapon capable of destroying the whole world with one launch.

Enter into this explosion of innovation the many nations eager to make war and you have a world full of wars unlike any fought before or since. The question remains: How much do you know about the military invasions of the 20th century?

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What continent was not involved in World War Two?
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What was the attack tactic favored by Germany in World War Two?
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How many successor states resulted from what we now call the Yugoslav wars?
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Who was the leader of The Cambodian Genocide?
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What wasn't the name people used for the first World War before there was a World War Two?
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In what country was the Dhofar Rebellion fought?
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What is the official start date of The Vietnam War?
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Who did the United States support in the 1979-1989 Afghan war?
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What Vietnam-era aircraft's shortcomings led to the creation of Top Gun?
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What was Erich Hartmann's American-Soviet kill ratio in WW2?
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Who was leader of North Korea at the beginning of The Korean War?
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What "animal" did the USA send to China to defend it from Japan, prior to the USA entering WW2?
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What world leader inspired the people of Kosovo to create a new first name for their children?
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What did the press dub the period between September 3, 1939 and May 10, 1940?
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What policy took the place of frequent US military intervention in Latin America?
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What year was The Battle of Mogadishu?
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What group of special operators were not involved in The Battle of Mogadishu?
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What deadly US unit led the liberation of Fort Rupert and Richmond Hill Prison in the 1983 invasion of Grenada?
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When was the Malayan Emergency?
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What African country played a role in the Malayan Emergency?
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What famous musician was on the front lines of the war in Kosovo, his guitar strapped to the outside of his tank?
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What was the Portuguese response to Angolan protesters burning their ID cards and attacking Portuguese traders in colonial Angola?
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What element was key to Israel's 38th Armored Division's victory against Egypt's 2nd Infantry Division, 6th Tank Regiment, 1 Mechanised antitank battalion, and additional artillery and infantry battalions?
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What tool did Iran use to effect the Al Faw peninsula landing?
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What October, 1947 invasion resulted in a hot border conflict that lasts through today?
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What was at stake in the 1903 conflict between Bolivia and Brazil?
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