Quiz: Military Lingo: All Right, Slick Sleeves, Grab Your Bang-Bang and Let's Go!
Military Lingo: All Right, Slick Sleeves, Grab Your Bang-Bang and Let's Go!
By: Nathan Chandler
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The military is a world all its own, full of obscure acronyms and weird, esoteric language that only soldiers really understand. How much do you know about military lingo?

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These days, what term do soldiers typically use for helicopters?
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Here's another easy one. What's an IED most likely to do?
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What do soldiers do at DFAC?
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"Puddle pirates" can refer to very dangerous military units.
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When would you NOT want to be "black" on ammo?
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If you were in a vehicle struck by an IED, you were WHAT?
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Where would you find "moon dust"?
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JDAM refers to what sort of weapon?
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If someone tells you there is imminent TIC, what should you do?
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What does it mean if one of your personnel goes "over the hill"?
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If an area in a war zone is "kinetic," it is what, exactly?
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Infantry soldiers are often called what?
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When does "pink mist" occur?
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An "oxygen thief" is a soldier that does too much of what?
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American troops refer to rifles as "guns."
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What's happening if you're getting the "dustoff"?
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Jets are often called what?
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If you are "outside the wire," you are where?
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What's "chest candy"?
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If your commanding officer tells you to "beat your face," what will you be doing?
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What's a "bang-bang"?
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If you're trapped behind enemy lines, you definitely want to see "sky blossoms" coming to your location.
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