Quiz: MLB Grand Salami History
MLB Grand Salami History
By: Gavin Thagard
Image: ToKe

About This Quiz

The schedule is set, players are gearing up, and the Grand Salami has been determined. It's time to pull out your wallet and put some money down on whatever odds the bookmakers have determined. Are you prepared to bet on the Grand Salami? Do you even know what it is? Here's your chance to find out!

Baseball has a long history in the gambling world, as odds are put on everything from who is going to hit a home run in certain games to which team is going to the World Series before the season even starts. After odds are set, fans flock in with stats and good-luck charms trying to make a quick buck by placing their money on which side they find favorable. Sometimes, they are lucky; sometimes, they lose every dollar they have. 

Nevertheless, one thing is certain, betting helps drive the popularity of Major League Baseball. Fans love the idea of betting, and occasionally, even the players like the idea. Look at the 1919 Black Sox Scandal or the Pete Rose Hall of Fame controversy to see just how important betting is in baseball. 

If you're a fan of betting, and particularly, if you're a fan of betting on the Grand Salami, take this quiz and test your knowledge to see if you even should be betting at all. 

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