Quiz: Infinite Adventures: MMORPGs Quiz
Infinite Adventures: MMORPGs Quiz
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Massively multiplayer online role-playing games (MMORPGs) let you take on challenges and go on quests with friends from around the world or a group of strangers you just met. If you've spent time raiding dungeons or teaming up for boss battles, you might have leveled up enough to take on this quiz.

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A generic term for hostile enemies or groups of enemies controlled by the computer (as opposed to other players) is …
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Who first used the term "MMORPG"?
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A dungeon or mission that loads separately from the rest of the game world (so that other players who enter the same dungeon are loaded into their own discrete version of it) is called a what?
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The ancestors of today's MMORPGs are text-based online worlds called MUDs. What does MUD stand for?
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What is the name of the first graphical MMORPG, which was based on the "gold box" single-player RPGs from TSR/SSI?
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An MMORPG character that focuses on restricting enemy movement, confusing enemies, stunning them or making their abilities less effective is known as what?
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The most popular MMORPG in the world, with about 12 million reported subscribers at its peak and more than 5 million in 2015, is …
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What game was the best-selling MMORPG in the U.S. prior to the dominance of "World of Warcraft"?
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Combat between human players in an MMORPG is known as …
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Players battling against computer-controlled enemies, on the other hand, is known as PvE, which stands for what?
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Another common MMORPG acronym is DPS, often used to rate a power, class or build's effectiveness in combat. What does it stand for?
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"City of Heroes" was a major MMORPG in what genre?
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Coins and items left behind when a mob or another player is killed is known as what, a term also used in single-player RPGs?
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The process of repeatedly killing certain enemies over and over again to generate experience points or collect large quantities of loot is a common frustration for MMORPG players. What is the most common term for this?
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When players have an ability that improves or amplifies the abilities of their teammates, that's known as a …
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This online "game" was not intended as an RPG, but it provides such freedom for users that several different RPGs were created within it. What is it called? (Hint: it uses a virtual currency known as Linden dollars).
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Which of the following intellectual properties does NOT have an MMORPG based on it?
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This game depicts a massive galaxy fueled by an economy so deep there are actual economists on the development team, and it's marked by occasional massive space battles between rival clans. It's also the world's largest space science fiction MMORPG.
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What MMORPG is based on the tabletop game that inspired the first MUDs and MMORPGs?
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When the "Star Wars Galaxies" MMORPG was shut down in 2011, it was replaced by what game?
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What is the colloquial term for items dropped by mobs that have absolutely no in-game use other than being sold in bulk for some amount of in-game currency?
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What MMORPG is an improvement of an earlier, failed version and is the second MMORPG in a long-running fantasy series made by Square Enix?
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