Quiz: The Monkees Quiz
The Monkees Quiz
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The Monkees exist in a strange nostalgia neverland — they were huge stars, but were they actors or musicians? Were they even a "real" band? Take our quiz to find out how much you know about the Monkees.

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When did the Monkees get together?
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How many people showed up for the audition?
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Who was the only Monkee who actually answered the Daily Variety ad?
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Who recommended Peter Tork for the band?
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Which of the Monkees was cast first?
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What's Peter Tork's real name?
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What was Micky Dolenz's pre-Monkees stage name?
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What was the name of the TV show Dolenz was on in the '50s?
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What award did Davy Jones win in 1963?
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As an "Oliver!" cast member, Jones was on "The Ed Sullivan Show" the same night as this iconic musician or group.
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Which Monkee was hired to be the drummer, even though he had never played drums before?
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He played lead guitar, even though he had been trained on the bass.
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He was the lead singer, even though he was a good drummer.
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What was the Monkees' nickname?
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For how many seasons did "The Monkees" TV show run?
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Who wrote "I'm a Believer"?
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He was the only Monkee to perform on "(I'm Not Your) Steppin' Stone."
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Which of the Monkees directed an episode of the show?
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"The Monkees" went on location to this city in 1967.
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Which rock star guest-starred as Mike Nesmith on "The Monkees"?
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This rock star opened for the Monkees in 1967 but quit after only a few shows.
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Which Beatles song opens the finale of the TV show?
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What does Liberace do on an episode of "The Monkees"?
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True or false: The Monkees outsold the Beatles and Rolling Stones combined in 1967.
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Mike Nesmith inherited about $25 million in 1990 because his mother invented …
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Who was the first Monkee to die?
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What's the name of the Monkees' 2016 album?
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