Quiz: The Ultimate Montana Family Vacations Quiz
The Ultimate Montana Family Vacations Quiz
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The Hyalite Reservoir, near Bozeman, Montana, is perhaps one of the state's most beautiful landscapes. The splendor of Montana's big mountain ranges is just one of many reasons to visit there on your next family vacation. Take our quiz to learn more about its many attractions.

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The Lewis & Clark National Historic Trail Interpretive Center is located in:
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Which Montana museum boasts the largest collection of American dinosaur bones in the world?
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Which major river that flows through Montana did Lewis and Clark navigate often?
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U.S. Army Colonel George Armstrong Custer fought with_____ at Little Bighorn.
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Who was George Armstrong Custer's famous adversary at Little Bighorn?
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Which Montana city is a Gold Rush boomtown?
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Which type of dinosaur was native to Montana 60 million years ago?
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The largest dinosaur fossil skull belongs to which type of dinosaur?
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Visitors to Virginia City, Montana can take a _____ ride around town.
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