Quiz: Fact or Fiction: The Moonwalk
Fact or Fiction: The Moonwalk
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Does the mere mention of Michael Jackson’s signature dance move have you itching to get out on the dance floor (or your kitchen floor)? Before you try to master the moonwalk, find out how much you know about its history with this out-of-this-world quiz.

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Michael Jackson invented the moonwalk.
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The moonwalk originally had a much more terrestrial name: the backslide.
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The moonwalk can only be done backwards.
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The moonwalk is one of the many different styles of breakdancing.
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The Godfather of Soul (James Brown) was moonwalking long before The King of Pop.
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A key element on one of French mime Marcel Marceau’s famous routines influenced the evolution of the moonwalk.
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Michael Jackson was the first person to ever moonwalk on television.
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Michael Jackson debuted his version of the moonwalk in his 1984 Pepsi Generation commercials.
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Michael used the same dance routine for “Billie Jean” – including the moonwalk – since he first danced to it in 1983.
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A dance called “The Moonwalk” was shown on the 1970s kids’ show “H.R. Pufnstuf.”
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Actor Corey Haim became known for dressing like Michael Jackson and performing the moonwalk and other signature dance moves.
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Dancer Jeff Daniel knew that the moonwalk, or backslide, had been performed by tap dancer Bill Bailey in the 1950s.
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Michael never acknowledged the dancers who taught him the moonwalk.
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A friend who saw an episode of “Solid Gold” first brought the moonwalk to Michael Jackson’s attention.
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None of the dancers who taught Michael Jackson the moonwalk have spoken about it publicly.
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Jeff Daniel believes that Michael Jackson stole all of the credit for the moonwalk from him.
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It’s easy to learn how to moonwalk. You just slide your feet backwards, right?
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To do the moonwalk, Michael Jackson used special props to create the illusion of floating.
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Most performers who have dancing experience have no trouble learning how to moonwalk.
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David Bowie did the moonwalk in the 1970s during his Diamond Dogs tour, using moves he learned from mime great Etienne Decroux.
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