Quiz: Moose and Caribou Hunting Quiz
Moose and Caribou Hunting Quiz
By: Nathan Chandler
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If you tend to get buck fever thinking about whitetail hunting, your heart probably races at the idea of stalking moose and caribou. These huge animals lure hunters from all over the world. How much do you know about moose and caribou hunting?

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Moose are huge, goofy-looking animals. They are a kind of deer.
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If you see a moose after the sun has set and it's dark, what should you do?
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With regards to success rates, how does caribou hunting compare to whitetail deer hunting?
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What's one thing you absolutely do before you do any sort of big game hunting?
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Moose use the same bedding areas year after year.
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How do most hunters access the areas frequented by caribou?
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What technique do hunters use to kill caribou?
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Caribou are found in the Lower 48 part of the United States.
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Caribou migrate in massive numbers. How do their migration routes change from year to year?
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For the best caribou hunting opportunity, it's often best to set up where?
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During the moose breeding season, you may want to focus your efforts on which area?
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Wear brand-new boots for your moose or caribou hunt.
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Why do you need a very good backpack when you're hunting caribou?
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Compared with whitetail deer hunting, how should bowhunters practice for a caribou hunt?
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In the early moose season, where should you hunt?
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Compared with whitetail hunting, you need what sort of bow to take down a caribou?
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You should put in serious practice time with your spotting scope or binoculars before a hunt.
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In some areas, caribou hunters are required to use WHAT?
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If you don't see any caribou, what should you do?
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You should set up your camp near your eventual caribou hunting location.
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You'll have better success moose hunting if you stick to what sort of area?
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The Boone and Crockett Club recognizes how many subspecies of caribou in North America?
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As temperatures begin to exceed about 65 degrees Fahrenheit, you should follow moose where?
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Which caribou species tends to produce the largest animals?
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What does it mean if a moose's ears are flattened?
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Caribou hunting takes time and money. You'll spend at least how much for a guided hunt?
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Why does a compass or GPS device become a necessary tool during late season moose hunting?
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Because caribou hunting happens on open tundra, you don't really need a compass.
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If you see a herd of caribou migrating away from you, what should you do?
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