Quiz: Can You Get More Than 11 Right on This Fun Presidential Trivia Quiz?
Can You Get More Than 11 Right on This Fun Presidential Trivia Quiz?
By: Kennita Leon
Image: WikiCommons

About This Quiz

For hundreds of years, the men who have led the United States of America have been the center of attention of the entire world. But there are some things that they've done that few are aware of. That's what we want to test you on today. How much do you know about the men who have presided over the United States of America?

We're going to ask you things like who owned an alligator, who skinny-dipped in a certain river, who loved Harry Potter and comic books and who was a really good wrestler. We want to test if you know who had fifteen children, who married their teacher and which two men died on the same day. We'll also ask which past president stole something from Shakespeare's house!

As funny as these facts may sound, they really happened. But because it isn't common knowledge, we'll give you major props if you manage to get eleven answers correct. So if you're ready to prove to us that you know what these presidents did when they weren't busy running the country, get started on this quiz. 

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Which President has a foreign city named after him?
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Which early president was a pretty good wrestler?
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Which president shares the same death date with Thomas Jefferson?
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Which of these men was scared of electricity?
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Which of these presidents stole from Shakespeare?
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Which of these men was a liquor distributor?
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Which president died from consuming contaminated food?
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Which president has a tumor on display at a museum?
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Which of these men was a tailor?
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Which of these presidents had about fifteen children?
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Which president bought slaves, only to set them free?
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Which leader had more than eighty pairs of pants?
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Which president smoked like a chimney?
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Which president married the girl he was the guardian of?
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Can you tell us which president was ambidextrous?
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Who allegedly ran over a woman with his horse?
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Which president popularized the term "OK"?
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Whose father gave him an underwhelming recommendation for Harvard?
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Who was the only president to hold a doctorate?
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Which of these men was a model on the cover of Cosmopolitan magazine?
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Who was Princeton University's first graduate student?
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Who gambled the White House's china in a gambling match?
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Which president was so comfortable in the bathroom that he allowed staffers in there with him?
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Who owned a parrot that could curse?
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Which president had the weird habit of rubbing vaseline on his head?
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Which of these men was a cheerleader?
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Which man married his teacher?
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Who was the only president to be injured during the Civil War?
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Which president has proudly read every Harry Potter book?
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Who wore a red carnation as a symbol of good luck?
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Which president has the record for the longest speech?
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Who was nicknamed "Young Hickory"?
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Who allegedly went skinny-dipping in the Potomac River?
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Which president used to get stuck in the bathtub?
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