Quiz: Most Americans Can't Identify All of These U.S. Road Signs. Can You?
Most Americans Can't Identify All of These U.S. Road Signs. Can You?
By: Kennita Leon
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About This Quiz

Road signs are there for a reason. Over the years they have evolved from just a few to maybe over a couple hundred or so (in the world). They've gotten more colorful and creative and now give us directions we never knew we needed to know - not every country has deer that we have to look out for while driving. But that's the great thing about road signs. Every country has the ones specific to the needs of that nation or even state. So we're going to focus on the U.S. road signs that you should know. Do you think you can ace this quiz? 

Like we were saying, not every state has a sign devoted to watching out for deer, but some do. So it's still important to know the sign even if you don't live in Georgia, South Carolina or Texas. There's also a sign telling you about schools and playgrounds that you should know, even if you live in the middle of nowhere. So we're testing these things and more in our quiz. 

So if you want to test your road rules know-how, get started with this road signs quiz! We're going to take your license and hand you a booklet if you fail! 

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