Quiz: The Ultimate Most Beautiful U.S. Drives Quiz
The Ultimate Most Beautiful U.S. Drives Quiz
By: Staff
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There are innumerable beautiful drives in the United States and it isn't easy to pick the 10 best ones. But here is our choice for 10 beautiful drives that span the length and breadth of this vast country. Take this quiz to learn more about these drives.

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Where will you find Hawaii's famous Kona coffee?
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What was the previous name of the Seven Mile Bridge?
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What do these have in common: Canandaigua, Seneca, Skaneateles?
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The Finger Lakes stretch from Syracuse to:
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In what state is the Pacific Coast Highway?
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During what months of the year is the Pacific Coast Highway most used?
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What 52-mile (84-kilometer) road crosses Montana's Glacier National Park?
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If you want to drive your large vehicle along Skyline Drive in Virginia, it has to be able to clear _____ along the way.
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What animals might you see if you drive on Seward Highway in Alaska?
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What ancient ruins are found in the San Juan Mountains?
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How long would it take to drive from one end to the other of the San Juan Skyway?
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What states does the Brandywine Valley cross?
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Which wealthy family had a great impact on the Brandywine Valley area?
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If you travel Route 143 to an elevation of 10,567 feet (3,221 meters), where do you reach?
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