Quiz: The Ultimate Most Dangerous Room in the House Quiz
The Ultimate Most Dangerous Room in the House Quiz
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About This Quiz

There are many potential dangers lurking in every room of your house, but some rooms are worse than others. Which rooms require particular vigilance, and what safety hazards should you be most aware of? Take this quiz to learn more about home dangers.

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In 2007, about how many people were injured in a home accident in England?
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In the United States, where does injury rank among causes of death for children?
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What is the number one cause of death in home accidents in the United States?
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Which of these is one of the two most dangerous rooms in a house?
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How long does your skin need to be in contact with 150-degree Fahrenheit (66 C) water for you to get third-degree burns?
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Approximately what percent of kitchen cloths failed a test for cleanliness conducted by environmental scientists?
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Which liquids can create poison gas if mixed together?
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