Quiz: Can You Tell If These 80s Cars Are Ford Or Chevy?
Can You Tell If These 80s Cars Are Ford Or Chevy?
By: Bambi Turner
Image: Shutterstock

About This Quiz

Can you distinguish between a Fiesta and a Fairmont? Know the difference between a Thunderbird and a Camaro? If you consider yourself an '80s car expert, take our quiz to see how many of these vehicles you can match to the correct maker!

Let's face it -- the '80s weren't exactly a great time for the American auto industry. Even big-time brands like Ford and Chevy found themselves floundering at the start of the decade. Not only was the country facing a recession, but oil embargoes and some serious competition from foreign automakers left even giants like Ford and Chevy spinning their wheels.

These two Detroit legends responded to the challenges of the '80s by focusing on smaller, more efficient cars that could compete with the Japanese and run further on less fuel.

Fortunately, a voluntary agreement with Japan helped to limit imports, and the American economy slowly improved by the middle of the decade, setting up the perfect conditions for the rise of the SUV that continued into the next century.

Think you can tell and '80s Ford from an '80s Chevy? Take our quiz to find out!

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