Quiz: Ultimate Mother of the Bride Quiz
Ultimate Mother of the Bride Quiz
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Being the mother of the bride is definitely an exciting time, but you might be a little confused by all the wedding etiquette rules out there. Standards have loosened a bit over the years, but it's always helpful to know what they are.

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If your daughter just got engaged and you haven't met her future in-laws yet, what does traditional etiquette dictate that you do?
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True or False: If your daughter is having a really informal wedding, it's OK for you to wear white.
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True or False: The mother of the bride gets first dibs on dress color.
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As the mother of the bride, which of these tasks will you probably NOT be responsible for?
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Is the bride's family traditionally expected to pay for all wedding flowers?
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Are you expected to pay for your daughter's lingerie?
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The groom's family has announced they'll be hosting an engagement party. Are they overstepping their bounds?
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Who pays for your daughter's wedding ring?
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