Quiz: The Ultimate Mountain Bike Trails Quiz
The Ultimate Mountain Bike Trails Quiz
By: Staff
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About This Quiz

Mountain biking has grown in popularity since the 1970s. Trails for all levels of skill are available and can be beautiful and exhilarating. Take this quiz to learn more about discovering mountain bike trails.

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When did mountain biking start to grow as a sport?
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When was mountain biking added as an Olympic sporting event?
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Which mountain biking group has made significant contributions of time to trail work projects?
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How do you determine whether you can handle a trail?
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What is the rating for the most challenging trail?
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What type of trail is fun for those who like to speed?
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When preparing for a longer cross-country mountain bike outing, what item should you leave at home?
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What skill do you need to mountain bike?
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What trail will be a long ride?
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What is judged during observed trials?
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Who does the majority of the trail maintenance?
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What does basic trail maintenance include?
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How long are competitive cross-country trails?
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Why do people love mountain bike riding?
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What is the grade of a trail?
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Who can access a single-track trail?
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How are trails rated?
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