The Ultimate Mountain Biking Categories Quiz


Which form of mountain biking involves use of the lightest bikes?

The bikes used in cross-country mountain biking are generally the lightest of all these bikes, weighing between 21 and 28 pounds (9 and 12 kilograms)

Which form of biking requires quick thinking at all times?

In downhill mountain biking, rocks, ditches and other unknown debris are everywhere. Since your downhill speed is increased by gravity, you have to think fast to avoid mishaps, like tumbling over the handlebars.

Which form of biking involves negotiating a series of natural and man-made obstacles?

In four cross (4X), four cyclists are pitted against each other in a race through a series of natural and man-made obstacles.

Which form of biking involves only two bikers racing to the bottom of a hill?

In dual slalom, two bikers race to the bottom of a hill while strategically zigzagging in and out of gates (poles with flags on them).

Which form of biking involves use of bikes with small wheels, strong brakes and no seat?

Trials test agility, balance and creativity of bikers, who try to complete the course with as few mistakes as possible.

Which form of biking involves doing stunts with any available object or place?

Urban/street, also known as urban, freestyle or street BMX (bicycle motocross), involves using any available object or place for stunts.

Which form of biking involves bikers performing tricks on dirt hills and mounds?

In dirt jumping, bikers on stronger and heavier bikes perform stunts on dirt hills and mounds.

What do you call riding long trails in mountains?

All-mountain, also known as enduro (for endurance), involves riding long trails, uphill and downhill in the mountains.

What form of mountain biking involves having a bit more fun with the bike?

Freeride is the go-anywhere, do-anything form of mountain biking. Here, riders use heavier all-mountain bikes.

When did cross-country mountain biking become an Olympic sport for men and women?

Cross-country mountain biking was accepted as an Olympic sport for men and women in 1996.

What kind of bikes make up the majority of specialty bike sales in the United States and the United Kingdom?

Mountain bikes are the biggest sellers in both countries.

What percentage of the bicycle market did mountain bikes cover by 1993?

Mountain bikes accounted for nearly 95 percent by 1993.

What features make the modern mountain bike so popular for a variety of purposes?

The well-treaded, multigeared, spring suspension mountain bikes of today offer something for every rider.

When were the first bicycles made?

The first bicycles, invented in the mid-19th century, were built with wooden frames and metal rims and weren't especially easy to keep upright.

What type of mountain biking requires bikes that can handle both uphill and downhill riding?

In cross-country biking, riders need to handle both uphill and downhill terrain.

What type of biking needs tough bikes with strong rear suspension?

Downhill mountain bikes are built tough to take a beating, with great suspension to ease the rocky ride. As a result, they tend to be heavier than other mountain bikes.

What type of mountain-bike racing requires courses only a few hundred yards long?

In four cross (4X) mountain bike racing, the course is usually only a few hundred yards (meters) long.

What type of biking is centered on testing your maneuvering skills?

Trials are about agility, balance and a little bit of creativity. Trials focus more on maneuvering and less on riding.

What type of biking is also popularly known as street BMX (bicycle motocross)?

Urban/street biking is more commonly known as urban, freestyle or street BMX.

What type of mountain bike racing requires light bikes with a lot of gears?

All-mountain biking requires bikes with lots of gears to handle both uphill and downhill riding, which are built light enough for uphill riding and are tough enough to take hits.

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