Quiz: The Ultimate Mountain Biking Gear Quiz
The Ultimate Mountain Biking Gear Quiz
By: Staff
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Mountain bikers need specialized gear for maximum efficiency and protection. You may well need to shop before you ride, but the vast array of biking accessories may be confusing. Take this quiz to learn more about how to find the right mountain biking gear for you.

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What biking shoe design helps to keep your foot in the proper position for pedaling?
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What is the major issue for mountain biking shoes?
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What can result from heel slippage?
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Biking shoes have what special design to prevent heel slippage?
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How are mountain biking shoes fastened?
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How much do high-end mountain biking shoes cost?
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What detachable feature do high-end mountain biking shoes come with?
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What are detachable spikes used for?
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What is an important function of mountain biking gloves?
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What style glove do professional mountain bike racers prefer?
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Which finger has a single spot in a three-finger glove?
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What material is used to make mountain biking gloves?
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What medical condition can be caused by the bumps and stress of mountain biking?
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What mountain biking clothing accessory looks a bit atrocious to some people?
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What is the purpose of bike shorts?
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What is the purpose of fabrics that wick?
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How do bike shorts protect sensitive areas?
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Who wears mountain biking armor?
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What is a handy fix-all for mountain bikers to pack along for the ride?
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