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The RiffTrax crew mocks movies. It's what they do. Maybe you know them from their time on a certain space station, or maybe you're a new fan. Either way, see if you can identify these awful (or at least hilariously mockable) movies.

In this action flick, Patrick Swayze has a mullet/pompadour (mulladour?) while he fights the good fight at a tavern alongside a highway.

Most of you probably knew it was "Road House" as soon as you saw Patrick Swayze's name.


This movie about a man who founds a solar power company is a sober reflection on the dangers of global warming. Or it's a ridiculous, poorly made movie about people getting attacked (every now and then) by computer animated birds. It's so hard to tell.

How is "Birdemic" even pronounced?


This is a movie famous solely for being bad — so bad it's hilarious even without anyone making fun of it, so bad it can only be the work of one man, who wrote, directed and stars in this astonishing train wreck about betrayal and inappropriate laughter.

There are two kinds of people in this world: those who've seen "The Room" and those who wish they hadn't seen "The Room."


This huge movie about a huge ship and a huge iceberg (but a door that was apparently not huge enough) will give you a sinking feeling unless the RiffTrax crew is making fun of it with you.

It's "Titanic," proof that a movie can win 11 Oscars and still be terrible. Or that a movie can be terrible and still win 11 Oscars.


It's impossible to explain why this movie about a giant snake has so many A-list (or at least C+-list) stars in it, including Jennifer Lopez, Ice Cube, Owen Wilson, Eric Stoltz and John Voight. That snake must have a whole stack of incriminating Polaroids hidden at his mansion in Encino.

"Anaconda" is like "Jaws," except instead of a shark it has a grown man who still calls himself Ice Cube.


Vincent Price is the star of this classic horror movie that gives him plenty of opportunity to ham it up after inviting a bunch of ne'er-do-wells to a spooky mansion. There's a spooky acid bath, a spooky skeleton and a spooky blind lady.

Presumably everyone knew the hill was haunted, but they built a house there anyway?


He's part cop! Part samurai! Well, we kind of gave the answer away there. But wait, which terrible movie about a cop who also follows the way of the samurai is it?

Yeah, it's just … they just called the movie "Samurai Cop." There's a sequel, by the way.


Is this sci-fi movie a spot-on satire of action movies and military propaganda or a terrible, ham-fisted adaptation of a Robert Heinlein novel? Either way, the CGI alien hordes are pretty cool.

There's a third option: that the movie is actually an extended music video for the song "Starship Trooper" by progressive rock band Yes.


This movie is the apex of the hybrid weather disaster/animal attack sub-sub-sub-subgenre, and also the apex of Tara Reid and Ian Ziering's careers.

The one and only "Sharknado" also won 11 Oscars, which is completely true as long as you don’t look it up.


You have to take a murder vow to swear you'll watch this '70s vengeance movie that won zero Oscars and is still better than "Titanic." There's karate, and the hero might be partially inspired by Daredevil.

Not just any kind of promise. A "Death Promise."


You'll never have trouble remembering exactly how many Spartans fought off a superior force of Persians in this movie, only partly because Gerard Butler will scream it at you (like all his lines) for $50. He only accepts payment in the form of Olive Garden gift certificates, though.

Madness? THIS. IS. RIFFTRAX! Oh, the answer is "300."


Another one of those movies that's not terrible but isn’t even close to as good as everyone seems to think it is, this one features a pair of astronauts making a very long series of inexplicably terrible decisions. It's built around the "it was his last day before retirement" trope.

"Gravity" is like the Chris Hemsworth of movies — very pretty, and sometimes that's enough. (We're kidding, we love Chris Hemsworth. He's a very talented actor, and "Gravity" is definitely better than "Anaconda").


The plot of this movie is that the plants are angry, and they're taking out their rage on a desperate and terrified Marky Mark (the trees having killed off the Funky Bunch long ago). Even without RiffTrax, it's become M. Night Shyamalan's most beloved comedy.

People who went to see "The Happening" experienced a cold, bleak horror while waiting in line to see "The Happening," knowing that they would soon be seeing "The Happening."


The question is not whether this movie is about a slumber party, but <i>which</i> slumber party? And will Scott be there?

It's true, there have been zero slumber parties since "The Last Slumber Party" was released.


This might be one of your favorite movies about a young boy who discovers he's a wizard and a key part in a battle against another, somewhat eviler wizard, but we're going to make fun of it anyway. This one features a werewolf and a terrible time travel plot device, and also Emma Thompson seems to have wandered onto the set at some point.

Sirius Black, dementors, Azkaban, etc., etc.


This movie tries to make the unbelievably obnoxious villain kid from every '80s movie into the hero of a '90s movie because the obnoxious kid sold millions of albums in the real world. We should all feel bad that this happened.

It's terrifying to think that some people saw "Cool as Ice" and thought, "Yeah, that's how I wanna be." Actually, it's terrifying that some people saw "Cool as Ice."


Not even true classics are safe. There are a lot of witches in this movie, and figuring out if they're good or wicked seems to depend on what direction they arrived from, a system seemingly open to a lot of confusion.

If we'd said "munchkin" or "scarecrow" or "Dorothy" or "Yellow Brick Road," you'd have known it was "The Wizard of Oz" immediately!


There's no Oz in this movie about the kid from "The Wonder Years" taking his brother cross-country for an epic video game tournament.

"The Wizard" is startlingly creepy for being a kids' movie.


This is the third movie in a series of movies about a young person who engages in a particular form of martial arts. It's cleverly subtitled "Part 3."

It's kind of amazing that Ralph Macchio stuck around for "The Karate Kid Part III."


There is no karate in this movie, but there is a lot of arm wrestling. Is there more than one arm wrestling movie in the world? Well, this one stars Sylvester Stallone.

Of all the movies that <i>didn't</i> become trilogies, "Over the Top" surprises us the least.


Mocking this movie about the really weird and uncomfortable relationship between a teenage girl and her vampire lover seems like low-hanging fruit, but RiffTrax made fun of every movie in the series (of which this is the first).

There's no reason to make fun of "Twilight" fans (you're probably a fan of some weird stuff yourself, snarky internet person), but the movie itself is fair game.


This '80s movie stars Jean-Claude Van Damme as a Russian bad guy. The title kind of limits your options if you'd like to do anything other than engage in kickboxing battles, but it's an '80s movie, so you were going to get into some kickboxing battles one way or another.

"No Retreat, No Surrender" is definitely a movie that was made at some point.


This movie is maybe not as insane as "Italian Spiderman," but it's basically "Italian Jaws," and that's good enough for us.

Hm, wonder if "The Last Shark" was at "The Last Slumber Party."


There's simply no way to describe this movie better than RiffTrax did: "Like Spinal Tap recording 'The Basement Tapes' on the set of 'Labyrinth' if it was written by Otto from 'The Simpsons.'" All of the '80s heavy metal horror movies are worth watching, and all of them are worth mocking, especially this one.

Next time someone complains that "practical effects are always better than CGI," show them the puppets from "Rock 'n' Roll Nightmare."


In this terrible, terrible movie, a whiny man-child named Anakin Skywalker completes his transformation into a child-killing, wife-abusing monster when he takes a lava bath.

There is so much to make fun of in "Revenge of the Sith." So much. It's really a gift from George Lucas to people who like to make fun of movies.


This movie is about a cop who is NOT also a samurai — he's something else. A half-man, half-machine. Not a robot. Definitely not RoboCop. Oh, it's a sequel, somehow.

If you guessed "Cyborg Cop 2," congrats! Although there is not actually a cyborg cop in this movie.


Do you like epic fantasy? Do you like elves? Do you like motion-capture actor Andy Serkis? Do you like when a film series reaches the point where no one will criticize Peter Jackson or even suggest a few edits, so the last movie is 18 hours long? Well, you're in for a treat.

"Lord of the Rings: Return of the King" can be submitted as proof of the law of diminishing returns at most accredited universities.


This movie is possibly a Christmas movie, possibly an Easter movie. Santa is a stuck on a Florida beach, and only one anthropomorphic frozen dessert industry spokesperson can save him.

"Santa and the Ice Cream Bunny" because why not, really? Why not?


An advanced robot escapes a research lab and goes on a chair-demolishing rampage, which sounds like it could be a decent movie. It is not, as the RiffTrax crew ably demonstrates. No one can even get the meaning of the acronym straight!

Let's just make up our own meanings for "R.O.T.O.R." Random Orange T-shirt Occupation Relay. Really Odd Time Odd Really. Reach Over Top of Roger. Rancid Odor Team on Rails.


Let's say you went to the moon and found an entire civilization of women living there. What kind of women do you think they would be? What type of hybridization would be the best evolutionary fit for women who live on the moon for generations? Probably not the one depicted in this movie.

"Cat-Women of the Moon" was probably just an excuse for some slinky 1950s dance scenes.


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