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Your home office space doubles up as a guest room on occasion and that's fine. But how do you organize it, clean it and furnish it? And how do you make it homely and warm for your guests? Take this quiz to see how.

Your home office doubles as a guest room. What's the first step in organizing it?

First clear everything out, sorting as you go. Make piles: "for office," "for guest room" and "miscellaneous."

What should you do with the items in the miscellaneous pile?

Now it's time to sort them out: some for the trash, others for donation and the rest of the items to be put in their proper places.

How do you know what you need to buy for the office/guest room?

Take a deep breath and a long look at the room you've just organized. Then make a personalized list for your needs.

What if you have too many items to buy and your budget doesn't allow? What could you do?

Try and pace the purchases in order to lighten the financial load. Perhaps set up a calendar purchase-date schedule.

How do you determine the space allocation in the office/guest room?

There's no cut-and-dried answer, because everyone's needs and purposes differ. Figure it out in proportion to how much you use the room for each purpose.

You have large windows in this area with lots of sunlight and garden fragrances. Where should you place your furniture?

Ultimately, it depends on you. If you welcome sunlight and garden smells wafting into your work space, then place your furniture near the windows. If not, don't.

What factor should you take into consideration when you position your desk?

Factor into the equation the noise element. Keep your desk far from water pipes, washing machines, road traffic and suchlike. Unless you like those noises…

Is there anything wrong with using an inflatable air mattress for the guest room?

It depends. If you've got young nieces or nephews, they probably won't mind an air mattress. As for your mother-in-law, she may not go for it. So, consider who your guests are likely to be.

You need a spacious work station so that you can also do activities with your kids there. This means that you'll want:

Get a large, spacious desk. And factor this into your office/guest room planning so that you allow adequate space for it.

When you have a multifunctional space, you should bear in mind that you:

You won't need to use the room for both purposes at the same time. You just need to be able to switch it from one purpose to another with ease.

If you want to have the feeling of divisions or sections, what can you do?

Try a simple folding screen or room divider. This way, you can move it at will.

You are limited in space and you also can't move a bed in and out through the doorway when needed. What's the best solution for bedding?

As long as it's compact, you can use any chair, chaise or couch that's made to open up into a full-sized bed.

Sometimes you need a large desk space, while other times you want the desk minimized. Is there a solution?

Happily, there are many modular desks on the market that allow you to fold the desk leaves and make them compact as needed.

What sort of shelves would be ideal for your office/guest room?

Vertical ones would be great. This would offer you compact display space for ornaments and keys, as well as shelf space for your guests when needed.

What would be another use for a bookcase aside from storing books and office supplies?

You can use it as a dividing wall between two parts of your office/guest area.

Is a suitcase bench a good idea or does it take up too much space?

It's a great idea, because it's so versatile. Open it when you need to and fold it away when you don't.

Where can guests hang their clothes in this office/guest room?

Install a spring-mounted shower rod. When in use, the guests hang their clothes on it: when it's not, remove it.

How often should you dust the area?

If you do it about once a week, the area will stay clean and dust-free. Neglect it, and you'll feel you're choking in mess again.

For maintenance purposes, what should you do once every month?

Take stock of your room's functionality. If need be, introduce a small change.

What is the best thing you can do in order to maintain cleanliness?

Plan a regular cleaning schedule that either you or your cleaning help will accomplish.

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