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Which actress is the star of the television series "Murder, She Wrote"?

Lansbury was born in 1925.

In which year did the television series "Murder, She Wrote" premiere in the U.S.?

"Murder, She Wrote" premiered in the U.S. on Sept. 30, 1984.

True or false: Angela Lansbury plays the character Jessica Fischer in the series "Murder, She Wrote."

Lansbury plays the character Jessica Fletcher.

How many children does the character Jessica Fletcher have in "Murder, She Wrote"?

Fletcher has no children in the television series. Angela Lansbury, who plays the character Jessica Fletcher, had two children with her late husband Peter Shaw.

Which of the following is NOT one of Jessica Fletcher's former professions in the series "Murder, She Wrote"?

Fletcher is a former English teacher and mystery writer but not a lawyer.

Which U.S. television network aired the series "Murder, She Wrote"?

The series "Murder, She Wrote" aired on the CBS television network in the U.S.

Which fictional town is the setting for the series "Murder, She Wrote"?

Cabot Cove, Maine, is the fictional town that is the setting for the series "Murder, She Wrote."

How many seasons did the series "Murder, She Wrote" air?

The television series "Murder, She Wrote" aired for 12 seasons before it was canceled.

What does character Jessica Fletcher NEVER learn to do in "Murder, She Wrote"?

Jessica never learns to drive. Instead, she walks, rides a bicycle or gets a ride from a friend.

How many "Murder, She Wrote" television movies were made after the series ended?

There were four "Murder, She Wrote" television movies, including "Murder, She Wrote: South by Southwest."

Which of Jessica Fletcher's relatives did Angela Lansbury once play in the series "Murder, She Wrote"?

Lansbury once played Jessica Fletcher's cousin, Emma McGill.

How many episodes of the series "Murder, She Wrote" originally aired?

Over the course of 12 seasons, there were 264 original episodes of the series.

Which actor played Sheriff Mort Metzger in the series "Murder, She Wrote"?

Masak continues to act, wrapping two movies in 2016 alone.

What is the address of Jessica Fletcher's home in "Murder, She Wrote"?

Jessica lives at 698 Candlewood Lane, Cabot Cove, Maine 03041.

Which television series is a spinoff from the series "Murder, She Wrote"?

"The Law and Harry McGraw" premiered in 1987.

Which character did the actor Tom Bosley play in "Murder, She Wrote"?

Bosley played Tupper in the series. Bosley was probably best known for his role as Howard Cunningham on "Happy Days."

True or false: Angela Lansbury was born in a small town in Maine.

Lansbury was born in East London, England, on Oct. 16, 1925.

Which of the following was one of the co-creators of the television series "Murder, She Wrote"?

Fischer, with Richard Levinson and William Link, created the series "Murder, She Wrote." The trio also served as executive producers for the series.

How many episodes of the series "Murder, She Wrote" have the word "murder" in the title?

The word "murder" appears in the title of 48 episodes of the series, including the first episode, "The Murder of Sherlock Holmes."

Which "Murder, She Wrote" character does the actor William Windom play in the series?

Windom plays Dr. Seth Hazlitt in the television series. Windom was also a tournament-level chess player.

In which font do the title and credits of the series "Murder, She Wrote" appear?

The title and credits of the series "Murder, She Wrote" appear in the Art Gothic font.

What is the population of the fictional town of Cabot Cove in the series "Murder, She Wrote"?

The population of the fictional town of Cabot Cove, Maine, is 3,650.

Jessica Fletcher's nephew is featured in several episodes. What is his name?

Grady Fletcher is Jessica's nephew, who is featured in several episodes of the series.

Which actor plays Grady Fletcher?

Horton went on to have roles in two "Star Trek" movies: "Star Trek: First Contact" and "Star Trek: Insurrection."

Which night of the week did "Murder, She Wrote" air for most of the show's 12 seasons?

It aired on Sunday nights for the majority of the show's 12 seasons.

What is the title of the "Murder, She Wrote" character Jessica Fletcher's first novel?

Jessica wrote "The Corpse Danced at Midnight" after her husband died.

Which "Murder, She Wrote" character is a secret agent?

Hagarty is a British secret agent, played by the actor Len Cariou.

Where does Jessica Fletcher buy a second home in the series "Murder, She Wrote"?

Jessica buys a second home in New York City.

True or false: In the series "Murder, She Wrote," Jessica Fletcher's late husband was named Frank.

Frank was in the Air Force.

When did the "Murder, She Wrote" series finale originally air?

The series finale aired on May 19, 1996. The final episode was titled "Death by Demographics."

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