My Name Is Nobody: Test your knowledge of the Western classic

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What sub-genre does the film fall into?

The Spaghetti Western is a beloved Italian take on the classic American Western. Director Sergio Leone was famous for it.

What famous director has his name on a tombstone in the film?

Peckinpah is a famous Western director, and the film pays homage to him by having his name on a tombstone. He is most known for "The Wild Bunch," another Western classic.

For Henry Fonda, this film was what?

This was Fonda's last Western. What a way to go out, with guns blazing!

Who dubbed Henry Fonda for the English language version?

Henry Fonda dubbed himself, which seems natural enough. I mean, that's his job, right?

Ennio Morricone's funny score uses what refrain from Wagner?

This Wagner refrain is heard throughout the movie, particularly when the Wild Bunch show up.

What is heard throughout the opening sequence of the film?

There is a constant ticking of a clock, giving the opening sequence a fun, pressurized feeling. A sort of artificial intensity is invoked.

When Fonda points his gun at the barber, where does he point?

Getting a shave, Fonda points his gun towards the barber's genitals, ensuring that he will get a close shave, but not too close.

How much does Fonda pay for his shave?

The shave cost 50 cents, but Fonda gives the barber 10 dollars. This gesture only proves that he is truly the badass that his reputation says he is.

What was the name of the sequel to the film, released in 1975?

The sequel is "A Genius, Two Partners and a Dupe," otherwise known as "A Genius, Two Friends and an Idiot" or "Nobody's the Greatest." It did not receive the same following as the first film.

Which of these countries was the film NOT released in?

China was not the target market for the film, but they probably would have liked it as much as everyone else.

When Nobody and Jack face-off in New Orleans, what accidently appears in a hotel window?

There's an electric AC unit in the window of the hotel. That was one high-class establishment!

What else is out of place on the New Orleans sidewalk?

The modern fire hydrant can be seen during the duel. New Orleans was definitely ahead of its time!

When Nobody is with the barber at the end of the film, what does he use for a pistol?

Shadowing Jack's action, Nobody points a gun at the barber's private parts, except it ain't no pistol, it's his finger.

What is the moral to Nobody's story about the bird covered in dung?

Jack notes that Nobody's story means that “When you're up to your nose in s@#t, keep your mouth shut.” Words to live by, words to live by.

What piece of fruit does Nobody steal twice?

At the beginning and end of the movie, Nobody steals an apple out of someone's hand. The first time, he steals it from a child.

What was on Jack Beauregard’s tombstone?

The tombstone says "Nobody was faster on the draw," and it has a double meaning. In reality, Jack is not dead.

What food does Nobody cook when he picks Jack up on the locomotive?

Nobody is eating a skillet of beans when he rescues Jack. Them beans looked mighty good.

How does Jack conquer the Wild Bunch?

Jack knew they had explosives in their saddlebags, and he fired directly at them, thus blowing up most of the Wild Bunch.

How many Westerns did Henry Fonda make?

Fonda made 21 Westerns, of which "Nobody" was the last. That's a lot of horse riding.

In the public urinal, what difficulty is the train operator having?

The train operator is having some issues at the urinal, but when Nobody whistles at him, he's able to let loose.

How many are in the Wild Bunch?

There are 150 men in the Wild Bunch, and Jack Beauregard takes 'em all on.

What color are both Jack's and Nobody's eyes?

Both actors have the same icy blue eyes, although Nobody's eyes are particularly striking.

In Nobody's story, what is the bird covered in cowpie eaten by?

The bird covered in cowpie is eaten by a coyote. It's bad enough to be covered in poop, but then to get eaten by a coyote?

What does Jack say about death?

In classic Jack Beauregard fashion, he calmly says that "dying is not the worst thing that can happen to a man."

In what part of the carnival is there a surreal shootout?

The House of Horrors is where the surreal shootout takes place -- within the hall of mirrors, no less.

How much does a telegram cost in the movie?

Jack sends a telegram that is 25 cents a word. When you think of it, that wasn't chump change back then.

Terence Hill, who plays Nobody, was born where?

Hill, born in Venice, Italy, was the child of an Italian and a German. He got his start in Italian films as a child. His birth name was Mario Girotti.

How much of the film did Sergio Leone truly direct?

Sergio directed most of the action scenes, but Tonino Valerii directed the rest.

What is the theme of the film?

Fonda represents the Old West, and Nobody is the youthful and new. There's also the subtext of an Italian-style Spaghetti Western hero supplanting a more tradition American gunfighter.

In the drinking game in the tavern, how many drinks does Nobody take?

Nobody drinks three large glasses of whiskey, throwing each one behind him and firing it with his gun. Then he shoots his shotglass. He earns 200 dollars.

White men throw pies and watermelon at Negroes, and how does Nobody respond?

It's at the carnival, and Nobody responds by throwing a pie at the carnival barker. It's the most racially-charged scene in the film.

What happens after Nobody shoots the man on the stilts?

The menacing man on stilts is reduced to a dwarf when Nobody shoots his legs.

How many times does Jack shoot Nobody's hat?

Jack shoots the hat right off his head twice, but there are four shots in all. “Just like the good old days,” Nobody replies. All of the shots went through the same hole.

According to legend, how many times can Jack shoot his gun before his opponent even touches his own?

It is said that Jack can fire his gun three times before someone even touches their own. Nobody demonstrates this in a speedy way.

What's wrong with the gold bars loaded onto the train?

You can clearly see the brush strokes on them there gold bars. I'd think twice before bringing them to the bank.

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