Quiz: Myth or Fact: The Medici Family
Myth or Fact: The Medici Family
By: John Miller
Image: Luca Giordano

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Sure, Warren Buffett and Bill Gates have so much money they could build skyscrapers made of cash. But their little empires are only decades old. Some family enterprises span centuries — and come to dominate entire nations, too. What do you know about the famous and powerful Medici family that rose to dominance in Europe starting in the 1400s? In this quiz of fantastic wealth and influence, we’ll see how much you really know about what it means to be rich and famous in the days of yore!

In the 1400s, life in Europe was dominated by monarchs and religious figures. Some of them came by their power through force. Others, like the Medicis, earned their reigns through other means, including nearly unfathomable wealth. Do you think you know the myths and false statements about the Medicis and their calculating ways?

The family slowly gained more and more power, thanks in large part to one industry. Do you know the economic forces that helped the Medicis take a stranglehold on Florence and Tuscany in the 15th and 16th centuries?

In spite of their successes, the Medicis were not immune to failure. Enemies and rivals plotted against the clan, and they were at times run out of their own country. What do you know about the family’s returns to power?

Were they born royalty or simply dedicated businessmen and crafty women? Spin the wheels of fortune and see if you can separate the myths from facts in this Medici family quiz!
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