Name These Car Logos from One Image in 7 Minutes
by Craig

An eye-catching car logo is far more than just an interesting design or symbol, and any car enthusiast should be able to identify the brand by its symbol.  Car logos are designed to represent everything a car company stands for. For example, Alfa Romeos, are stunning Italian cars with a rich history that induce a feeling of aristocracy and class, so it makes sense that it's symbol was inspired by the Coat of Arms of the noble House of Visconti. The Toyota logo represents the company's number one priority: their customers. The three overlapping ovals represent a steering well, the customers' expectations and car manufacturer's ideal. Lastly, the outermost oval represents the world embracing the brand. Car logos are essential to the success of a company because it must be something that stands out, is recognizable, and illustrative of a company's ideals.  Some people estimate that car enthusiasts' make up at least half of the world's population. Are one of those car aficionados?  If so, then you should be able to identify a car by its logo and all that that logo represents. Think you can identify a car logo faster than anyone other self-described car enthusiasts? Prove it by challenging yourself to this quiz! 

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