Quiz: NASA History: The Heavens and Beyond
NASA History: The Heavens and Beyond
By: Nathan Chandler
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NASA isn't your typical government agency. The organization has achieved some of humankind's most daring feats. How much do you know about NASA and its amazing missions?

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NASA has been a tremendous force in space projects. Which president established NASA?
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NASA actually replaced an older organization that was called what?
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NASA's first major mission was Project Mercury. What was the project's focus?
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NASA started its mission in 1958. How many employees did it have?
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NASA's creation was directly inspired in part by conflict with which country?
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In the late 50s, NASA was still a fledgling organization. What was its annual budget?
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Which 1950s event sparked tremendous public support for NASA?
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What was the name of NASA's first crewed program?
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In the 1960s, NASA began an X-15 program. What was it?
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Pioneer 1 was the first spacecraft launched by NASA.
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The space shuttle program started in 1981. How long did the program last?
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Which mission landed the first men on the moon?
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NASA didn’t stop with Apollo 11. How many total times did it land manned missions on the moon?
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In May of 1959, NASA blasted two animals into space. What animals were they?
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The first American spacewalk happened during which project?
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In April 1960, NASA successfully launched TIROS 1. What was the purpose of this satellite?
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In May of 1961, President Kennedy gave his State of the Union address and gave NASA which mission?
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Not all of NASA's missions end in triumph. How many of the organization's missions have killed every crew member?
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In 1962, John Glenn became the first NASA astronaut to do what?
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Pioneer 10 was a successful mission to which planet?
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NASA launched Voyager 2 in 1977. The mission is still active.
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Mariner 2 was a hugely successful flyby mission. Which planet did the mission approach?
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In 1961, President Kennedy told NASA to put a man on the moon before the end of the decade. When did NASA actually accomplish that goal?
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Skylab was NASA's first (and only) independently operated space station. How long was it actually used?
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The Soviet Union was the first country to achieve lunar orbit.
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Why did NASA decide to name its first space shuttle the "Enterprise"?
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What was the ultimate goal of NASA's Project Constellation?
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