Quiz: NASCAR Race Cars Quiz
NASCAR Race Cars Quiz
By: Staff
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About This Quiz

The racetrack is filled with both dreams and adrenaline!

NASCAR events have been a favorite of Americans for years. The company has shot stars like Dale Earnhardt Jr. and Danica Patrick from the race track into the spotlight. Who is your favorite NASCAR driver? What about your favorite car?

Do you know the cost of a car used in NASCAR races? What about the parts and engines that get these vehicles across the finish line? Cars often need new parts to keep them running well enough to dominate the track. Make sure you know sizes, too! You'll be getting into the technical stuff in this quiz!

A true NASCAR expert will know some fun facts about the company as well. Make sure you know the stars, places and mechanics of NASCAR. How does NASCAR spend its money? What is the history of the company? Where did it get it's start?

Since the beginning, NASCAR has won over the hearts of racing fans in America, and even worldwide. It's a sport that is exciting for both the drivers who work to entertain and win races and the viewers who watch in anticipation of the results. So if you think you're a true NASCAR fan, this quiz is for you! Hop into the driver's seat and get ready to race through this quiz!

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