Quiz: The Ultimate Nashville Quiz
The Ultimate Nashville Quiz
By: Staff
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Nashville, Tennessee, has been dubbed the "Athens of the South" for its legendary musical and cultural life. Take our quiz and have a taste of Europe without having to leave the States.

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What river runs through Nashville?
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What is the main thoroughfare through Nashville?
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How many bridges does the Cumberland River have?
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What are the fastest routes to get around Nashville?
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What is Tennessee's official state flower?
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What do you need to be cautious of in spring?
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What is the best way to get around Nashville?
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How much does it cost to take a taxi in from the airport?
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How much is a day pass on the Nashville Metro Transit Authority?
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Where can you get discounted passes to Nashville's attractions?
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How long does the tour at the Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum take?
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How long did it take to recreate the statue of Athena?
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What style is the mansion at the Bell Meade Plantation?
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How many wax figures are there at the Music Valley Wax Museum of the Stars?
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Who was the original owner of the "King of the Cumberland" boat?
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