Quiz: The Ultimate National Wild Turkey Foundation Quiz
The Ultimate National Wild Turkey Foundation Quiz
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The wild turkey was on the verge of becoming an endangered species in late 1960s and early 1970s. Things started to change when an avid turkey hunter who was having trouble pursuing his favorite sport decided to do something about the problem. Thus began what many federal and state government agencies believe is the most successful wildlife conservation story in North America's history. Take this quiz on the NWTF to learn more about this organization.

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In what year was the National Wild Turkey Foundation (NWTF) founded?
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What organization did the NWTF choose to model itself after?
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Who was the founder of the Bass Anglers Sportsmen Society?
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Who established the National Wild Turkey Foundation?
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Where is the headquarters of the NWTF presently located?
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How many members does the NWTF currently have?
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What is the estimated wild turkey population of the United States?
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What service does the NWTF provide for landowners and other organizations?
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How fast can a turkey move when it is feeding?
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What is one way in which the NWTF increases the wild turkey population?
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What is the name of the NWTF program for kids 13 and under?
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What is the name of the NWTF program designed for physically challenged people?
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What did early settlers and Native Americans do with wild turkeys in addition to using them for food?
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How many acres of wild turkey native habitat has the NWTF been able to save from disappearing?
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What other program does the NWTF provide utilizing the population of wild turkeys?
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How much money has the NWTF raised in order to fund their programs?
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About how many feathers has the NWTF provided for Native American ceremonies?
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How much does a regular one-year membership in the NWTF cost?
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