Quiz: If We Give You a Navy Base, Can You Tell Us What City It's Close To?
If We Give You a Navy Base, Can You Tell Us What City It's Close To?
By: Robin Tyler
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The United States Navy has a long and proud tradition of not only protecting the United States but many other sections of the world during times of war as well as times of peace where it acts as a deterrent. 

The United States Navy was begun as the Continental Navy on October 13, 1775. Initially, it was tasked with breaking the British supply chain during the War of Independence. Once the United States was formed, the navy was disbanded, only to be brought back a few years later because of the threat of piracy which was wreaking havoc with its own supply routes.

It was perhaps World War II that showed how effective an aircraft carrier-based navy could be. After the initial defeat at Pearl Harbor, the U.S. Navy fought back and dealt the Japanese Imperial Navy a hammer blow at the Battle of Midway by sinking four enemy carriers. Many other victories were gained in the Pacific through the rest of the war.

Now, the United States Navy has bases around the world, not just in America. And don't forget, these are not just bases near the sea. They include facilities in cities, air naval stations where naval air wings are found and many other locations.

But if we told you the United States Navy base, would you be able to identify the closest city to it?

Be warned, some of these are tough.

Good luck!


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Which city is close to the the U.S. Navy base at Pearl Harbor?
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If you were stationed at Naval Station Great Lakes in the United States, which city would be closest to you?
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The National Naval Medical Center would be found in which of these cities?
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Navy staff stationed at Norfolk Navy Yard are in which U.S. city?
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The city of ________ is home to the Naval Construction Battalion Center.
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Cadets serving at the United States Naval Academy are based in which city?
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The U.S. Navy Air Station Fallon can be found in which city?
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The city closest to the Naval Support Activity Mid-South is which of these below?
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Looking overseas, the U.S. Navy airbase at Muharraq Airfield is closest to which city?
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Where is Naval Medical Research Unit 3 located in Africa?
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Of the cities below, which is closest to Naval Station Mayport?
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Near which city would you find the Naval Air Station Corpus Christi?
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The Naval Amphibious Base Coronado is found near which U.S. city?
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Navy personnel getting a day pass from Naval Air Station Patuxent River would go and visit which city most likely?
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In which European city would you be if you were part of the staff at Naval Support Activity Gaeta?
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A U.S. Navy pilot based at Naval Air Facility Misawa would be close to which Japanese city?
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Camp Lemonnier is located near Djibouti. True or false?
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________ is the closest city to the Naval Air Station at North Island in the United States.
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The city servicing the United States Fleet Activities Sasebo is which of these below?
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The Naval Support Facility Anacostia is near _______?
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Any idea as to the city which would be nearest to the Naval Air Station Oceana?
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Naval Air Station Kingsville is closest to which city?
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True or false. The city nearest the United States Naval Observatory is New York.
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Where is the Naval Radio Transmitter Facility located?
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If a Navy member was assigned to Naval Air Station Joint Reserve Base New Orleans, which city would he have time-off in?
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Naval Security Group Activity Kunia is located near which U.S. city?
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The U.S. City nearest to Naval Base Point Loma is ______?
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In which city is the Naval Postgraduate School located?
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The Naval Submarine Base New London is hosted by which city listed below?
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U.S. Navy personnel based at Naval Air Station Whiting Field are closest to which city below?
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_______ is the city closest to the Naval Submarine Base Kings Bay.
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The Heslar Naval Armory is found in which American city?
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The presidential retreat of Camp David, run by the U.S. Navy, is found near which city?
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The Carderock Division of the Naval Surface Warfare Center base is located in _________.
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The Washington Naval Yard, one of the U.S. Navy's oldest bases, is located where?
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