Quiz: NCIS TV Show Quiz
NCIS TV Show Quiz
By: Allie T.
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About This Quiz

So, you think you know everything there is to know about NCIS? Do you know what the name of the TV series was during its first year of release? We can hear your mind ticking away trying to figure it out. The answer is, "Navy NCIS." The "Navy" was dropped after the first season due to a redundancy of the title: Navy - Navy Criminal Investigation Service (NCIS). Consider this a gift of knowledge, because this may be the only question not on this quiz, but it sets you up for what to expect. 

While NCIS is known for its spin-offs, can you figure out which popular TV series NCIS was a spin-off of? You may know that, but did you know that the NCIS characters were introduced in two full episodes of that original TV series? 

Gibbs is arguably the most popular character on the show, and you'll get your fair share of questions surrounding him. From his past influences to questions such as who married his ex-wife and which branch of the military Gibbs served in.

Think you're ready? Order up a caf-pow, relax and take this quiz. Don't worry, you've got an entire NCIS team behind you if you need help. 

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What network airs 'NCIS?'
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The first spin-off of 'NCIS' is located in _________?
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The second spin-off of 'NCIS' is located in ________?
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Who is the Director of NCIS?
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Who is in charge of the NCIS team?
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Gibbs served in what branch of the military?
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Gibbs was a ________ for the marines.
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Which team member likes to boast that he is a "Very Special Agent?"
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Who is the medical examinator?
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What is Dr. Mallard's nickname?
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What two NCIS Special Agents also appeared on the show Jag'?'
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Before he died, who was Gibbs long-time mentor and friend?
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Who is the Director before Vance steps into the job?
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Who always comes through for Gibbs in the lab?
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What does DiNozzo's father do for a living?
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What FBI agent also married Gibb's ex-wife Diane Sterling?
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'NCIS' is a spin-off of what series?
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Who had the nickname "Probie" for at least the first five seasons?
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McGee writes ______ stories.
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Who has a coffin in their home?
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Who moves from the NSA to NCIS?
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Where is the east coast division of NCIS located?
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Which NCIS member died on a rooftop?
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DiNozzo has a daughter with ________?
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Who builds boats in his basement?
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Who saves Gibb's life after he is shot by a child?
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What happens to Vance's wife?
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Who is Ducky's timid, yet intelligent assistant?
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What drink does Gibbs always bring Abby?
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How many seasons has 'NCIS' been on-air?
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