Quiz: NFL Hall of Fame QBs quiz
NFL Hall of Fame QBs quiz
By: Nathan Chandler
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About This Quiz

In the long history of the NFL, only a couple of dozen quarterbacks have made the Hall of Fame. How much do you know about these star QBs? Take this quiz and find out!

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Which Hall of Fame QB won four Super Bowl titles in a six-year span?
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How many times was Terry Bradshaw voted NFL MVP?
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How many TD passes did Terry Bradshaw throw during his career?
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For how many seasons did John Elway play in the NFL?
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In how many Super Bowls did John Elway appear?
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Where did Steve Young play college football?
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What was the first NFL team that Steve Young played for?
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Bob Griese appeared in how many consecutive Super Bowls?
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How many national championships did Joe Namath win during his college career at Alabama?
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In his 16-year career, how many TD passes did John Elway throw in regular season games?
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In the 1955 draft, which team selected Johnny Unitas?
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What was Johnny Unitas' middle name?
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Johnny Unitas set a then-record by throwing at least one TD pass in how many consecutive games?
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As of 2016, who owns the record for sacks taken?
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Bart Starr played college football for which university?
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For how many teams did Dan Marino play during his 17-season NFL career?
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How many times did Dan Marino appear in the Super Bowl?
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Which team selected Brett Favre in the 1991 draft?
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For which college team did Troy Aikman NOT play?
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How many TD passes did Dan Marino throw in his second season with the Dolphins?
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How many rushing TDs did Dan Marino have during his 17-year career?
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Which QB is responsible for a famous play nicknamed "The Catch"?
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How many Super Bowls did Brett Favre win?
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Before entering the NFL, how many seasons did Warren Moon play in the Canadian Football League?
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Joe Namath famously guaranteed a Super Bowl victory over which team?
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What was the last team that Ken Stabler played for during his NFL career?
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For which NFL team did Warren Moon NOT play?
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Which QB was named MVP of the first two Super Bowls?
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How many come-from-behind wins did Joe Montana engineer during his 16-season career?
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