Quiz: NFL Jargon Quiz
NFL Jargon Quiz
By: Nathan Chandler
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About This Quiz

American football is packed with obscure slang to help coaches and players communicate more efficiently. How much do you know about NFL jargon? Take this quiz and find out!

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Which players often execute "stunts"?
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What's the name for a designed play that disintegrates into chaos?
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Which player might execute a "bull rush"?
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A highly regarded college player who doesn't meet expectations in the NFL is called what?
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The "red zone" begins how far from an opponent's goal line?
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What does it mean if a player has a "high motor"?
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Which player is obsessed with the "coffin corner"?
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A "chip shot" applies to which part of the game?
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When is a team most likely to attempt a "squib" kick?
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Why is the football field sometimes called the "gridiron"?
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Players who are which position sometimes "hear footsteps"?
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On which type of play do "gunners" have the greatest impact?
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If a quarterback throws a pass "underneath," how long is the pass?
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The term "gunslinger" is used to describe a few players at which position?
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A "screen" would happen during which aspect of a football game?
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A player at which position might display "alligator arms"?
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A "pick six" is a result of which event?
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A "ball control" offense is predicated on which philosophy?
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Which player is most responsible for the "snap"?
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A "hard count" often results in which penalty?
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A player at which position might try to use a "swim move"?
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Which player is NOT part of a "shotgun" snap?
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Which player would be responsible for the most important aspect of a "bootleg"?
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Which team unit would execute a "wildcat"?
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