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For how many different teams has QB Joe Flacco played?

Since being drafted by the Ravens in 2008, Flacco has played for only one team. He was the first rookie QB to win two playoff games on the road.

What year was Ryan Tannehill drafted by the Miami Dolphins?

Tannehill was selected as the eighth pick in the 2012 draft. During his final season at Texas A&M, he threw 29 touchdown passes.

During a single season, what's the most touchdown passes Ryan Tannehill has thrown during his Dolphins career?

Tannehill had a banner year in 2014, throwing for 27 touchdowns and earning a 92.8 QB rating. He threw only 12 interceptions.

Who is the player to reach 25,000 passing yards the fastest?

Matthew Stafford needed only 90 games to top 25,000 yards passing … yet the Detroit Lions still can't seem to win consistently.

Colin Kaepernick earned his first starting job due to an injury to which other QB?

With Alex Smith sidelined in the middle of the 2012 season, Kaepernick helped the 49ers make it to the Super Bowl, where they lost.

During his college days, where did QB Russell Wilson play before transferring to Wisconsin?

Wilson played both football and baseball at NC State before transferring to Wisconsin. Seattle selected Wilson with the 75th overall pick of the 2012 draft.

What is one of the defining characteristics of QB Joe Flacco's playing style?

Flacco has one of the strongest arms in the NFL, allowing him to unleash deep passes whenever the situation allows.

Which QB played college football at Central Florida?

Blake Bortles played at Central Florida and was selected third by the Jaguars in the 2014 draft. In 2015, he threw for 35 TDs … but Jacksonville went 5-11.

For what college team did Tyrod Taylor play?

Taylor was the starting quarterback for Virginia Tech and was drafted by Baltimore in 2011. He then signed with the Bills as a free agent and won the starting job.

How many touchdowns did Bills QB Tyrod Taylor score in 2015?

After four lackluster seasons, Taylor found a groove, throwing for 20 touchdowns and running for four more. His elevated performance nabbed him a $92 million contract extension.

Kansas City QB Alex Smith was a former No. 1 draft pick by which team?

Smith had an up-and-down career at San Francisco before being traded to Kansas City. He played college ball in Utah until he was selected at No. 1 in the 2005 draft.

How many TD passes did Russell Wilson throw during his rookie season?

Wilson threw for an incredible 26 TDs his first year, which tied the record set by the one and only Peyton Manning.

Where was Marcus Mariota born?

Mariota was born in Hawaii, making him the first Hawaii-born player ever to win the Heisman Trophy. He played college football at Oregon and was drafted by Tennessee.

During his college days, Saints QB Drew Brees set almost every passing record in which conference?

Brees played for Purdue in the Big Ten, where he set records that may never be challenged. He threw for 11,792 yards and 90 touchdowns.

How many touchdowns did Saints QB Drew Brees throw during the 2009 Super Bowl?

Brees threw for two touchdowns and 288 yards (263 meters). His performance and leadership earned him Super Bowl MVP honors.

Which QB played college football at Northwestern?

Trevor Siemian threw 27 TD passes at Northwestern in only 14 starts. He was on the bench during his rookie season and earned a Super Bowl ring thanks to Peyton Manning and the Broncos' stellar defense.

When was Eli Manning selected during the 2004 NFL draft?

Following in the footsteps of his big brother Peyton, Manning was taken as the No. 1 pick. So far, he's won two Super Bowls for the Giants.

How many NFL quarterbacks have exactly two Super Bowl victories?

There are only four QBs with two Super Bowl wins: Tom Brady, Eli Manning, John Elway and Peyton Manning.

How many TD passes did Aaron Rodgers throw in 2011?

Rodgers consistently puts up some of the most ridiculous offensive numbers in history. In 2011, he threw 45 TD passes with only six interceptions. He also ran for three TDs, just to rub it in a little.

On a five-star scale, how many stars did college scouts give to high school senior Russell Wilson as he looked for a place to play college sports?

Forget five-star recruits — Wilson was a low-rated, two-star recruit who wound up winning the Rose Bowl and then the Super Bowl.

Who set the record for most completions by a rookie QB?

In 2010, Sam Bradford set the record for both attempts (590) and completions (354). He threw 18 TD passes ... and 15 interceptions.

Which team did Sam Bradford play for in 2015?

Bradford threw for 19 touchdowns during his one-season stint with the Philadelphia Eagles. In 2016 he was promptly traded to Minnesota, which was suffering a rash of QB injuries.

Where did San Diego QB Philip Rivers play college football?

Rivers played for North Carolina State, where he threw for 95 touchdown passes but was never considered for the Heisman Trophy.

Philip Rivers won the starting job in part because San Diego's top QB was traded to another team. Which QB was it?

Brees was famously traded to New Orleans, leaving Rivers as the Chargers starter. Since 2006, he's started every single game, making him one of the NFL's most resilient players.

How many touchdown passes did Philip Rivers throw in 2013?

Rivers consistently throws dozens of TD passes each season, and in 2013 he had one of his finest years, with 32.

Which QB did NOT throw for five TD passes in a single game during his rookie season?

Mariota didn't accomplish this feat, but both Stafford and Winston did.

After winning the Heisman Trophy at Florida State and being drafted by Tampa Bay, how many TD passes did Jameis Winston throw during his rookie season?

Winston showed flashes of brilliance by throwing 22 TD passes and running for six more scores. He also managed to throw 15 interceptions and lost six fumbles.

Which QB orchestrated the largest playoff comeback in NFL history?

With the Colts down 38-10 in the third quarter against the Chiefs in the 2013-14 playoffs, Andrew Luck caught fire. The Colts came back to win 45-44.

Carson Wentz played college football at North Dakota State. What pick was he in the 2016 draft?

Though he came from a small school, the Eagles took Wentz with the second overall pick. He immediately began winning games for the Eagles.

What pick was Dak Prescott in the 2016 draft?

Prescott was the 135th pick, but he became the Cowboys starter when Tony Romo was (again) injured. Prescott set 38 school records during his days at Mississippi State.

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