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Who is Nicole Bradford's mother?

Nicole's mother's name is Marcy Bradford.

Why isn't Nicole living with her mother?

Nicole's mother passed away, willing this unconventional living situation.

What's the name of the show's theme song?

"You Can Count on Me" is the theme song to "My Two Dads."

And who sang it?

Greg Evigan, the actor who played Joey, also sang the show's theme song.

Which was the show's theme song for the pilot episode?

The 1985 hit, "You're a Friend of Mine," by Clarence Clemons and Jackson Browne, was the show's theme song in the pilot episode.

Michael Taylor, played by Paul Reiser, does what for a living?

Michael Taylor, one of Nicole's two dads, is a financial advisor.

And Joey Harris, played by Greg Evigan, does what?

Joey Harris, the second of Nicole's two dads, is an artist.

Where do Michael, Joey, and Nicole decide to live?

The new family decided to give up Michael's uptown condo and live in Joey's loft.

Which actress played Nicole's best friend, Shelby?

Amy Hathaway played Nicole's best friend, Shelby Haskell.

What happens after Joey helps Nicole prepare for her first date?

Nicole gets stood up on her first date.

What high school sports team does Nicole get cut from?

Nicole gets cut from her baskteball team.

What's the family business Joey's father wants him to work in?

Joey's father would prefer he work in the family plumbing business than continue as a struggling artist.

Who played the same character on both "My Two Dads" and another NBC sitcom, "Night Court?"

"My Two Dads" and "Night Court's" crossover connection is actress Florence Stanley, who played Judge Margaret W. Wilbur on both series.

Which "Night Court" actor guest starred in character on "My Two Dads?"

Actor Richard Moll, who played Nostradamus "Bull" Shannon on "Night Court," appeared in two episodes of "My Two Dads," as security for Judge Wilbur.

What's the name of the diner in the building where Joey, Michael and Nicole live?

Ed Klawicki, played by NFL linebacker and Football Hall of Famer Dick Butkus, runs Klawicki's.

Who ran the diner after actor Dick Butkus left the show in Season 3?

After actor Dick Butkus left the show, Julian began running the diner.

Julian renamed the diner from Klawicki's to what?

The diner is renamed The Judge's Court Cafe, from Klawicki's.

Who did not make a cameo as himself during the series?

Julius "Dr. J." Erving appeared in a Season 3 episode called, "When You Wish..." in 1990. Ed Koch appeared as himself in an episode called, "The Family in Question" in 1988. And, Willie "The Say Hey Kid" Mays appeared in a Season 2 episode called "You Love Me, Right?" in 1989. But Mike Love did not have a cameo.

The morning after Joey throws a bachelor party, he wakes up to discover he's married to whom?

The morning after he throws a bachelor party for a friend, Joey wakes up to discover he's married to a wrestler named Holly Lurch, played by Spice Williams.

Which two boys can't Nicole choose between?

Nicole can't choose between Cody and Zach.

While you may know him from the more-recent "Band of Brothers," "ER" or "American Dad!," who guest starred as Nicole's date from hell?

Scott Grimes played Jordan, Nicole's date, selected to get back at her dads for forcing her to date guys who aren't Zach or Cody.

Why was Nicole's Sweet 16 party canceled?

Nicole's Sweet 16 party is canceled on account of appendicitis.

Which of Nicole's teachers does Joey date?

Nicole's not doing well in art, but she really isn't feeling it when Joey begins dating her art teacher.

Who guest stars as Joey's rock star buddy who feels Michael's a bad influence?

Each of these actors guests stars on the series. But it's Davy Jones who appears as Joey's rock star friend, Malcolm O'Dell.

What song do Joey and Malcolm play together?

Davy Jones ("Malcom") and Joe played the show's theme song, "You Can Count on Me."

Who does Cory, played by Giovanni "Vonni" Ribisi, try to set his mom up with?

Cory decides to try to set his mom up with Ed Klawicki.

Who does Nicole's best friend Shelby have a crush on?

Shelby has a crush on Nicole's dad, Michael.

Who teaches the final class Joey needs to complete the requirements for his college degree?

Michael teaches the course Joey needs to complete the final graduation requirements for his college degree.

Which is Nicole's dream career?

In an episode guest starring Scott Baio, Nicole, who dreams of being a model, is passed over at her first casting call.

Who's arrested and jailed for participating in environmental protests?

Joey's arrested and thrown in jail when he participates in environmental protests.

Whose obituary gets accidentally printed in the newspaper?

Confusing Joey Harris and Joey Marris, Joey Harris' obituary appears in the newspaper.

Who looks at Joey and Michael's DNA results, but throws away the paperwork?

Judge Wilbur looks at the results of the paternity test, but never reveals the answer.

At the series' end, who gets together with his ex-girlfriend and moves to San Francisco?

At the end of the series, Joey and his ex Sarah reconcile, and he moves to San Francisco.

Which actor, who played one of Nicole's boyfriends, announced his retirement from acting in 2015?

Chad Allen, who played Nicole's boyfriend Zach, retired from acting in 2015.

What popular show did actor Greg Evigan star on before "My Two Dads?"

Before the role of Joey, Greg Evigan starred as Billie Joe "B.J." McKay, a trucker who rode the highways with his pet monkey.

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