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Tim Burton's wacky imagination came to life in this creepy and charismatic film. How well do you know "The Nightmare Before Christmas"?

On what work of art is the movie based?

Hollywood bigwig Tim Burton wrote a poem in 1982 that became the foundation for "The Nightmare Before Christmas."


In what year was the film released?

The movie hit theaters in 1993, and it was immediately celebrated by both audiences and critics. The movie tells the story of Jack Skellington, a Halloween character who winds up in Christmas Town.


Who directed "The Nightmare Before Christmas"?

Selick is a famed stop-motion director, and he also took the helm for "Coraline" and "James and the Giant Peach."


What role did Tim Burton have in the movie's creation?

Burton didn't direct, but he did serve as producer along with Denise Di Novi.


Why didn't Tim Burton direct the film that he helped inspire?

Burton was too busy working on "Batman Returns" to do any directing for this project. Instead, directing was left to Selick, who had never before directed a major feature film.


Why did Disney executives opt to release the film under Touchstone Pictures instead of the Disney brand?

The movie's dark, ominous tones didn't quite fit the Disney brand, which was too precious to risk. Instead, it launched under Touchstone Pictures.


How many frames were captured during the filming for this stop-motion production?

Nearly 110,000 frames were captured during filming. There were also nearly 230 puppets built to tell the detailed stories.


What was the movie's budget?

Considering the elaborate special effects, the $18 million budget seems downright reasonable, particular given the film's $75 million gross earnings at the box office.


What is the name of Jack Skellington's love interest?

Sally is a rag-doll girl who falls for Jack and tries to reason with him during his frantic plotting. Eventually the two have a love connection.


Who was NOT a part of the movie's cast?

Bridges wasn't a part of this flick. In addition to Reubens and Sarandon, voices were provided by Catherine O'Hara, William Hickey, Glenn Shadix and Ken Page.


What is Jack Skellington's title in Halloween Town?

He is the Pumpkin King, the leader of the band of Halloween Town's kooky characters.


What role did Danny Elfman play in the making of the movie?

Elfman is renowned for his music work in Hollywood movies. He also did all of the singing for Jack Skellington.


How many model sets were built for the movie?

The varied environments of the movie required many, many sets … about 230 of them.


How does Sally escape from Dr. Finkelstein?

She poisons him with nightshade, which causes the doctor to fall asleep. Sally falls apart (literally) and constantly has to reattach her limbs.


What is the name of Jack Skellington's dog?

Zero is the name of the lovable ghost dog that accompanies Jack on his adventures around the world.


What object makes up Zero's little nose?

A tiny jack-o'-lantern glows at the tip of Zero's ghostly muzzle, adding to his overall cuteness.


About how long did it take the crew to shoot one minute of movie time?

The stop-motion animation was labor intensive, so it took about a week to shoot just one minute of film.


How many different sound stages did the crew use for filming?

The film's setups were so intricate and so expansive that the crew needed 20 different sound stages to get the job done.


After coming up with the idea, how long did it take Tim Burton to finally see the project come to fruition?

He said once that he thought it took about two decades, from idea to finished product.


William Hickey was the voice of which character?

Hickey did the voice for Santa Claus. You'd recognize him as Uncle Lewis in "National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation."


Which actor recorded the original opening and closing lines for the film?

Patrick Stewart, of "Star Trek: The Next Generation," read parts of a poem that bookended the film, but his lines were cut in the theatrical version. You can hear his parts on the soundtrack, though.


How many different heads were created for Jack Skellington?

How many heads could one movie character possibly need? For a detailed film like this, Jack Skellington needed more than 400.


How long did it take the crew to shoot the entire film?

Most Hollywood productions wrap up in a matter of months, but the insane levels of labor for this movie meant that shooting took three years.


Which character does Jack Skellington set out to kidnap?

Jack wants to kidnap "Sandy Claws" so that he can take Santa's place and spread joy throughout the world. Things don't go as planned.


How many times did Tim Burton visit the set during filming?

The project was his idea, and he gets a lot of credit for creation and production, but he only visited the set five times during filming.


Disney executives insisted that Burton add which feature to Jack Skellington?

The business folks were worried that audiences couldn't connect to a character who didn't have eyes. Burton stood his ground, and Jack's original look won over audiences.


What happens to the Mayor's head when his mood changes?

He is a literal manifestation of the "two-faced politician," as one side of his head is happy, and the other is menacing.


Why did Tim Burton put the brakes on any plans for a sequel?

Burton's artistic vision for the project meant one, and only one, movie. He didn't want to ruin the movie's legacy by commercializing it for more money.


Famed actor Vincent Price was originally slated to voice Santa Claus. Why did he back out?

Price was all set to voice the part, and then his wife died. The experience was so saddening to him that he couldn't do the job.


Which band or musician is NOT on the 2006 reissued version of the soundtrack?

There was no Mazzy Star song, but the updated version included Apple, Manson, She Wants Revenge, Panic! at the Disco and Fall Out Boy.


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