Quiz: The Ultimate No-fly Zone Quiz
The Ultimate No-fly Zone Quiz
By: Staff
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About This Quiz

If you live in a country like the United States or France, your tax dollars go toward support for international peace-keeping efforts, so you have a stake in these efforts. Test your knowledge of no-fly zones with this quiz.

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Who has the authority to proclaim a no-fly zone?
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How many no-fly zones have been imposed since 1991?
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How long do no-fly zones usually remain in force?
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What is the U.S. code name of the no-fly zone campaign in Libya?
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Which of these countries did not send forces to assist in the Libyan no-fly zone?
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Which of these U.S. aircraft is being used in the Libyan no-fly zone operation?
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What now-defunct nation supplied most of Gaddafi's aircraft?
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Which of Gaddafi's sons once toured the U.S. Air Force Academy?
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Which British aircraft used in the no-fly zone operation is named after a king from the Old Testament?
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Which of these Middle Eastern nations sent jets to assist in the no-fly zone operation?
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